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Where Was Lord Of The Rings Filmed?

Not many films can match the incredible scenery from Lord Of The Rings! So where in the hell did filmmakers film this gorgeously shot movie to bring this kind of beauty to the big screen!?

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Well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out! Trust us, you definitely want to know! You can actually go and visit the Hobbit houses! So please enjoy this quick post we put together for you to answer all your questions!

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Lord Of The Rings Filming Locations

Lord Of The Rings had one primary filming location where producers shot the stunning series in! Filmmakers chose to film the movie in the beautiful country of New Zealand located in the southwest Pacific Ocean!

Locations Used In New Zealand

Producers used countless locations around New Zealand for the filming of this movie! So we are just going to go over the most important ones!

First, we have The Land Of Mordor, in which producers used the beautiful scenery of the Tongariro National Park to film. Next, we have the Hobbits house in Hobbiton which is located in Matamata! This is actually a quite popular tourist attraction!

For the eerie Path Of The Dead, filmmakers used The Putangirua Pinnacles for the scenes shot there! For the scenes where the Hobbits hid from Nazgul, producers used the woods on Mount Victoria.

Lastly, we have the home to the Rohan people! Its beauty is simply breathtaking, and producers used Mount Sunday for those scenes!

Where Was Lord Of The Rings Filmed? Astonishing 2001 Film Locations
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