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Best Denzel Washington Movies

Everybody knows this man right here and for good reason! We’re sure that if you’ve seen him act, you’ve loved whichever movie of his you watched! Denzel Washington movies cover multiple genres, and each film effectively encapsulates the topic no matter what the subject matter is! So if you so happen to run into a film that stars Denzel Washington, you should know it’s worth giving it a watch! It’s worth noting, he’s also the star in some of the most badass action films out there as well!

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Okay, so if you are here then you must be searching for some of the absolute best Denzel Washington movies out there that you can watch! Well, we have some good news for you! We have gone out and searched through all his films to pick out what we believe to be his best performances and most captivating movies. So if that sound like something that you would enjoy then keep on reading to find out exactly what we have in store for you today.

1. Training Day

Starting off this list of Denzel Washington movies, we have a jaw dropper! If anything, this is a Denzel Washington staple for sure and it’s what put him on everyone’s radar! His performance in this film is flawless and you’ll enjoy every second of it!

Training Day Movie Description

 Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington), a veteran narcotics officer has a new rookie partner who needs to learn the ropes for his new job. In the city of L.A., it seems as though those who are meant to protect also break the law to clear the streets of criminals. Over the next 24 hours, Harris must train his new partner Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke). However, the more that Jake learns from Harris the harder it becomes for him to hang around. Jake has some major decisions to make about how Harris conducts his job and whether it’s even legal.

2. Fences

You may or may not cry a little in this movie! You’ll also feel about every emotion possible, especially anger. Denzel Washington does it again and gives us one hell of a film. We highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t yet!

Fences Movie Description

In 1950’s Pittsburg, Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) is a sanitation worker who works hard just to make enough to support his family. This isn’t what Maxson wanted with his life. At first, he had dreams of becoming a baseball player but by the time they allowed black athletes, age stopped Maxson from playing. Due to this, he has never had a good relationship with his family and doesn’t always act in a fatherly way to his son. He goes so far, as ruining his son’s chance to speak with a football recruiter.

3. The Equalizer

Next up on this list of Denzel Washington movies, we have a movie filled to the brim with action that makes your jaw drop! If you are looking for something that fills your body with adrenaline then this is the movie for you. There’s also a second movie in the series and it is just as good! Go ahead and give them both a watch.

The Equalizer Movie Description

A former U.S Marine operative named Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) had put up his gear and planned on making a quiet life for himself. However, when he meets a young girl, who a Russian gang had horribly abused, he can’t just sit by. McCall quickly jumps into action and uses his killer training skills to help the young girl and kills anyone who comes after her. Now out of his retirement, McCall pledges to kill anyone who attempts to hurt the innocent.

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4. Flight

Oh man, do we have a nail biter here! This movie makes you feel like your heart is going to pop out of your chest because you feel as though you are keeping his secret as well! We highly recommend you give this film a watch if you haven’t already.

Flight Movie Description

A pilot named Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) has rarely flown sober. Whitaker has a major drug and alcohol abuse problem but refuses to face it head on and continues through his days as if nothing is wrong. However, everything changes when his plane experiences a catastrophic malfunction which sends it hurtling towards the ground. Somehow, even while impaired, Whitaker managed to pull off a crash landing which saves almost all lives except for six. After the crash, Whitaker tells himself he will sober up and never fly impaired again. But Whitaker realizes that it’s already too late. When the investigation into the crash reveals Whitaker’s problems he underestimates the amount of time he has left as a pilot.

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5. American Gangster

This movie is so good for so many reasons but one of the biggest is that it’s based on a true story! Denzel Washington did an amazing job at portraying Frank Lucas and it really makes you think it was actually him! Give it a watch, we highly recommend it.

American Gangster Movie Description

There’s a new kingpin up in Manhattan New York. Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) has deemed himself as the number one importer of heroin. Frank’s product beats out any other on the streets due to it coming straight from the source in South East Asia. Also, with an alliance with the mafia, Frank seems untouchable and business begins to boom. However, a dedicated officer named Richie Roberts has put together a narcotics task force and won’t stop hunting Frank until he brings him down.

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6. The Book of Eli

Here’s another one of Denzel’s gore-filled adventures! We can’t imagine living in a world that’s gone to hell like this. The movie is action packed and you’ll love every second of it! Go ahead and give it a watch if you haven’t already.

The Book of Eli Movie Description

The world has become a dangerous wasteland after a war that nearly killed off all life. A man named Eli (Denzel Washington) makes his way across what’s left of America protected by a sacred book he carries. However, one other man knows of the book and wants it for his own benefit. He believes it holds the incredible power of making the person who has it unstoppable. But Eli won’t let it go that easily. He will kill anyone who comes after him or his book as he makes his journey.

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7. Malcolm X

If you are looking for something based on real-world events then you can’t go wrong with this movie! It takes you into the world of Malcolm X and shows you a lot of his life experiences. It’s a great movie and definitely worth the watch.

Malcolm X Movie Description

Enjoy the incredible story of one of the most controversial and influential black Nationalist Leaders to walk this Earth. Throughout his earlier years in life, Malcolm (Denzel Washington) made some horrible choices which landed him in jail. However, while in jail, he found out about the Nation of Islam writings of Elijah Muhammad and begins preaching the same things once he becomes a free man. Not too long after he converts to a Sunni Muslim and changes his name. Unfortunately, his actions lead to his assassination on February 21, 1965, and he dies a Muslim martyr.

8. 2 Guns

Ending this incredible list of Denzel Washington movies we have another fan favorite! The movie also has the amazing Mark Wahlberg so you know it’ll be an insane movie! These two amazing actors work so well together! They gave us a movie that will last for generations to come. So if you haven’t seen it go ahead and give it a watch!

2 Guns Movie Description

Bobby Trench (Denzel Washington), a DEA agent, and Marcus Stigman (Mark Wahlberg), a U.S. Navy intelligence officer, have gone undercover in a notorious narcotics syndicate. For the past year, they have been in the presence of each other but neither of them knows that the other is also undercover. Unfortunately, both of their attempts to recover millions from the Mexican Cartel fail miserably and with this come horrible consequences. Now, both Trench and Stigman must flee or they may face jail, or even worse, a gruesome and painful death.

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