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Best Emma Stone Movies

The incredibly talented and beautiful actress Emma Stone has given us many movies to enjoy and appreciate! Emma Stone movies never cease to surprise the audience no matter how large the role she plays. Her acting simply astonishes us and, most likely, you as well. In recent years, she has played a part in some of the best movies that have come out. Emma Stone really is one of a kind.

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Now, let’s get to the reason why you have landed on this page. You must be on the grueling search for some of the best Emma Stone movies that you can go sit down and enjoy. Well, let that search end here. We have compiled a list of films that we believe are her best works! These movies range from the incredibly funny to one based on some jaw-dropping historically true events! This lady has given us a little bit of everything. So, without further ado, please continue to read on and find out precisely what incredible movies we have in store for you below.

1. The Favourite

For the first film on this list of Emma Stone movies, we have an incredible one! If you like a ton of drama that will keep that heart of yours pounding, then this will be the movie for you. Also, if you like period films set in the time of kings and queens, then you’ll most definitely enjoy this film. We highly recommend you give it a watch.

The Favourite Movie Description

A former aristocrat named Abigail Hill (Emma Stone) arrives at the door of the ill Queen Anne’s (Olivia Colman) castle to beg for a job. It’s the early 18th century England and the French have gone to war. When Abigail arrives, she realizes that Queen Anne’s close friend Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) has governed the country while she’s sickly. Abigail manages to quickly charm Sarah, which earns her a job and Sarah now takes her under her wing. All the politics included in acting as Queen have begun to overwhelm Sarah. Due to this, Abigail steps in as the ill Queen’s caregiver to help with some of the load. However, she becomes aware that this new friendship may be the way to fulfill her ambitions and she’ll stop at nothing until she reaches them.

2. La La Land

This right here is one of Emma Stones greatest movies and it stars Ryan Gosling also! You can’t want much more than that. Even if you don’t like musicals, you will definitely like this one! This movie is simply incredible! Go and give it a watch if you haven’t seen it.

La La Land Movie Description

Fate has drawn together an aspiring actress named Mia (Emma Stone) and a Jazz musician named Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). They both have incredibly big ambitions and struggle to make anything happen. Mia serves lattes to movie stars when she isn’t acting, and Sebastian plays small cocktail-party gigs. However, once they meet, everything begins to change, and their careers start to skyrocket. But it comes at a cost. They have both worked so hard for the advancements in their lives, but the more successful they become, the harder it becomes for the two lovers to stay together.

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3. Easy A

Here we have an incredibly funny movie! It also shows you just how evil teenage girls can act! This film is quite hilarious, and if you haven’t seen it, then we highly recommend you give it a watch.

Easy A Movie Description

Olive (Emma Stone) has never done anything crazy or frowned upon as a teen. She has become an example of what a good teen should be. However, this all changes when Olive lies to her friend about her weekend. Instead of telling the truth about her weekend, she lies, telling her friend that she had lost her virginity.

Unknown to Olive and her friend, someone else had listened in on the conversation the whole time. Marianne (Amanda Bynes), a religious fanatic, had sat within earshot, listening to the entire thing. As the story quickly begins to spread, Olive must find a way to save her school career. But instead of thinking about this rumor negatively, she takes advantage of it. Olive begins to play the part and act as if she has a crazy amount of sex. Not long after, Olive starts to turn a profit by charging people in exchange for acting like she had sex with them.

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4. Battle of the Sexes

Oh man, was this a great movie! It doesn’t matter if you are a tennis fan or not, this film is a must watch! And it’s based on true events! This match is one of the most well-known tennis matches ever played! At the time, everyone knew about it! If you want a good movie and also want to learn something new, then go ahead and give this a watch.

Battle of the Sexes Movie Description

The Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) tennis match has quickly become the most watched sports event in television history. This match would provide one of the greatest battles of the sexes that have ever taken place. However, the two didn’t only have a tennis match to worry about but also some significant concerns in their personal lives, especially Bobby Riggs. Bobby loves to gamble and enjoys the fame which this match has brought to him. His obsession with fame may just cost Bobby the match though as he has become unfocused and blinded by nothing but selling this match.

5. Crazy, Stupid, Love

For the last film on this list of Emma Stone movies, we have a hilarious movie that’s worth quite a few knee slaps! So, if you are looking for a good laugh, then we promise that you will get it from this film! It even features Steve Carell! Go ahead and give it a watch if you haven’t already.

Crazy, Stupid, Love Movie Description

Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) has never had a better life, and it seems as though he may just have a perfect life. But everything turns upside down when he finds that his wife has acted unfaithfully and he now wants a divorce. Cal realizes that he is now over 40 and hasn’t been in the dating game in a long time. However, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) has stepped in to save the game. Jacob, a true player who plays women like a fiddle, takes Cal under his wing to show him everything he needs to make a girl sleep with him. But Jacob begins to struggle when a woman named Hannah (Emma Stone) rejects his advances.

Scene from Battle Of The Sexes for Emma Stone movies post.
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