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Where Is The Flash Filmed?

This one is for all you Flash fans out there! We have to say, this show is hands down one of our favorite shows that you can watch at the current moment. We believe that Grant Gustin makes the perfect Flash and no one could ever take up that role as well as him. The show will keep you watching for hours on end without any regrets! You simply want to keep coming back.

Now, let’s get to the reason why you are on this page! You must be on the search for the filming locations that producers use to film this show. Well, if you have questions like “Where is The Flash filmed?” then we can tell you that you have definitely come to the right place. Just keep on reading and we will answer all your questions regarding the filming locations for The Flash!

The Flash Filming Locations

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Okay, so you must have a decent amount of questions concerning The Flash’s filming locations! Well, we are going to start off by answering the simple one of which State and Country producers chose to film in. The answer to that is Oregon and Canada! This is still a pretty broad answer so if you want more details just keep on reading!

Locations Used In Oregon And Canada

So where in Oregon and Canada did producers film exactly? Well, they decided to film in Portland for most of the scenes which take place in the city. In Canda, producers decided to used Vancouver to film. Here are some locations you may recognize used in Vancouver. For the police department producers used Vancouver City Hall, West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Next up we have Barry Allen’s house located at 2036 W 13th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 2H7, Canada. For the S.T.A.R. Labs courtyard producers used the CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre.

Other than this, not many other locations are used. Most of the filming stuck around in Vancouver and Portland! We hope we answered all your questions about The Flash filming locations!

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