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Where Was Kong Skull Island Filmed?

Ever wonder where the incredibly scenic sites featured in Kong Skull Island are located? Well, we were curious, so we have done some research and put together all the locations where the production of the film took place! If you wanted to, you could actually go and visit most of the sites! We know we want to go on a vacation to visit all of these locations! Especially the ones in Vietnam! So, without further ado, we present you with all the places used for the production of Skull Island!

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Kong Skull Island Filming Locations

The production of Kong Skull Island took place mostly in the northern portion of beautiful Vietnam. However, producers also used the island of Oahu located in Hawaii and the Australian Gold Coast.

Locations Used In Vietnam

Filmmakers used multiple locations in Vietnam while filming Skull Island. Most of the filming locations are located in the north. These locations include the beautiful Tràng An, located near Ninh Bình. Areas such as Vân LongTam Cốc, and Hạ Long Bay also made it into the film’s production. Finally, one of the last locations used in Vietnam is the entrance of the Tú Làn Caves System.

Locations Used In Oahu

Unlike Vietnam, producers used much fewer locations in Oahu. However, all the spots that were chosen are just as beautiful as those used in Vietnam! These locations included the gorgeous Kualoa Ranch, Honolulu’s Chinatown,  and last but not least, the Ohulehule Forest Conservancy.

Locations Used In The Australian Gold Coast

Production in Australia didn’t make up much of the filming. Only two locations here made it into the movie. Firstly, filmmakers shot around the Mount Tamborine area. Finally, the filming of Skull Island wrapped up in the Coombabah Lakelands which is also near the area of Mount Tamborine.

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