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Best Animated Horror Movies

You have to love a good horror movie. For some reason, a lot of us like scaring the living hell out of ourselves by watching terrifying movies. We don’t exactly know why we chase that fear and adrenaline but we simply do. We have covered some incredible horror movies in some of our other posts but we haven’t covered animated horror movies before!

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You may remember some of these from when you were younger or maybe you’ve taken a child to go see them. One thing’s for sure, some of these do manage to scare and creep the hell out of you. Some of the films on this list are child appropriate but others aren’t. But they are all worth a watch for sure. Now, prepare yourself to be very unsettled at some of these insanely creepy animations.

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1. Coraline

To start off our list of the best animated horror movies, we have one of the most terrifying children movies out there. If you want your child to have nightmares or even you yourself have nightmares then give this one a try.

Coraline Movie Description

Recently moving into a new home, young Coraline (Dakota Fanning) decides to explore all its nooks and crannies. During this exploration, she finds a door that transports her into an alternate world which proves to be better than her world in many ways. She finds joy and happiness in this discovery. However, things take a dark turn when her Other Mother (Teri Hatcher) and her entire parallel family attempt to keep her in that world forever never letting her go back to her original world. Coraline must find it within herself to gather up resources and make some bold decisions to make it back to her real family.

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2. ParaNorman

Next up we have a pretty awesome stop-action movie. It was written and directed by Chris Buttler who also worked on Coraline! This movie is a fun watch and has a really good story attached to it. It was worth every minute of screen time.

ParaNorman Movie Description

Norman Babcock (Kodi Smit-McPhee), a young boy, has an extraordinary and unexplainable power. He can communicate with and see the dead. Norman is a kind of outcast so he tends to prefer the company of ghosts over real humans throughout his day. But Norman soon learns he’ll have to use his incredible powers to save his town and everyone in it. His Uncle Prenderghast (John Goodman) lets Norman know that a witch has put a curse on the town and it’s almost time for it to begin its destruction. When zombies begin to rise from their graves Norman must quickly spring into action to save the dying town.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Here we have a classic movie that everyone must watch at some point in life. This is “THE” Christmas horror movie. Although you can watch it whenever you want, which we would definitely recommend if you haven’t seen this masterpiece.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Description

Hallowentown’s pumpkin king Jack Skellington has become bored with the same repeating routine the town has made of scaring people in the “real world” every year. One night, Jack comes across Christmastown on accident and falls in love with the bright and funfilled festivities. He now wants to take control of Christmas and take over Santa’s role. He plans on doing so by kidnapping Santa. However, as he finds out, even a supposedly perfect plan can quickly take a wrong turn.

4. Monster House

If you are thinking about animated horror movies then this one should be one of the first ones to pop into your head. We can’t believe how long ago this movie came out. It was released back in 2006! To us, it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but apparently it has been!

Monster House Movie Description

Three kids, DJ (Mitchel Musso), Chowder (Sam Lerner), and Jenny (Spencer Locke) have found out that one of the neighborhood houses is a living killer creature that wants to harm anyone who comes near it. No adult believes the kids as they believe it’s all in their imagination. Because of this they must take matters into their own hands and find a way to destroy this house. With Halloween creeping up they must work against the clock to keep young trick or treaters from facing a terrifying end.

5. Seoul Station

This is an animated prequel to one of the most horrifying zombie movies made to date, Train To Busan. This one of the greatest animated horror movies because it gives you a great back story to what happened before that film takes place. If you were a fan of Train To Busan then you’ll love this one!

Seoul Station Movie Description

Follow a man who is frantically searching for his runaway daughter and will stop at nothing until he finds her and brings her to safety. He must stay cautious as there is a zombie outbreak and the government continues to struggle with closing off the area of the outbreak. He must hurry or he may lose his daughter forever.

6. Perfect Blue

To finish up our list of the best animated horror movies we have a more adult-themed movie to take us out. This is definitely more of a psychological horror movie than anything else and it will have your mind reeling.

Perfect Blue Movie Description

A singer aspires to follow her dreams and become an actress. She decides to act on those dreams and quits her band. To fast track her acting career she decides to stop being the good girl she’s always been and taps into a darker side of herself.

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