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Movies Like Coraline

We don’t know about you, but Caroline was super freaky and weird. That’s not to say it wasn’t a great film thought. However, if we were kids, we would have freaked the hell out watching this one!

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So many love this movie and are looking for similar movies to watch. For you, we have put together this list of the best films like Coraline! So, if you are wondering what you can watch to satisfy your movie viewing needs, just keep on reading!

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is an old classic that everyone must watch at some point in their life! Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie, then you have to stop here and go watch it now! Even if it’s not Christmas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Summary

Halloweentown’s pumpkin king, Jack Skellington wants to bring change to the town’s unchanging routine. One day, out of the blue, Jack comes upon a town named Christmastown, where everything is colorfully blissful and full of joy. Jack soon falls in love with their routine and plans to steal it and incorporate it into his town. He plans to control Christmas by taking up the role of Santa, but first, he must kidnap the current one. However, his plan may not be as full proof as it seems.

2. ParaNorman

If you could see the dead, what would you do!? Well, Norman can, and he found out a dark secret that would scare the absolute crap out of us! This is an excellent film, and it’s definitely worth the watch!

ParaNorman Movie Summary

Norman Babcock has the paranormal ability to speak to the dead and even enjoys their company more than real people. Norman soon learns that there is an old curse that a witch laid on his hometown long ago. Knowing that the curse could bring chaos and destruction to the town, he must figure out how to push his powers to their limits. Now, Norman is in for one crazy and terrifying adventure.

3. Monster House

Just like the first film on this list, you better have watched this movie at some point! If not, what are you doing with your life!? If anything, if you have children, this should be on your bucket list to watch with them and share the fantastic experience!

Monster House Movie Summary

A group of young friends believes one of their neighbors’ houses comes to life when trespassers get too close. There is also a mean old man who lives in the evil house. He always yells at any kids who venture onto his lawn. With Halloween fast approaching, the group of friends must quickly find a way to destroy the monster house. Otherwise, unsuspecting trick-or-treaters could face a horrifying end on Halloween night.

4. A Christmas Carol

Who hasn’t heard of Ebenezer Scrooge!?

Everyone knows he hates Christmas! Will he ever change? A Christmas Carol is an absolutely fantastic movie that you need to watch!

A Christmas Carol Summary

An old man named Ebenezer Scrooge has absolutely no Christmas spirit in his heart. He wants nothing to do with anything that’s even remotely related to Christmas. He despises anyone who’s in good holiday spirits and his hate for Christmas has turned him into an angry, mean old man. Now Scrooge faces the hardest choice he has ever had to make; redeem himself or face the rest of his short life empty and depressed.

5. James And The Giant Peach

If you discovered a giant peach that was home to talking insects, how would you feel? James and the Giant Peach is full of magic and wonder and while it’s an oldie, it’s one hell of a good movie! This movie embodies the childhood classic and is one of those films that every kid will always remember watching. You’ll definitely want to see this must-watch movie!

James And The Giant Peach Movie Summary

James, an orphaned boy who lives with his abusive and insensitive aunts, makes his escape and succeeds at it. Shortly after, James finds a huge peach and explores it finding his way into the peach itself. The peach ends up rolling into the ocean, and James finds himself trapped with a bunch of talking insects. The group now sails the sea towards New York City embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

6. The Boxtrolls

Another amazing movie on this list is The Boxtrolls! It is funny and very heartfelt at the same time! It makes you wish these creatures were actually real! If you haven’t watched this one, then do yourself a favor and do so now!

Box Trolls Movie Summary

Underneath the city of Cheesebridge lives a community of troublesome creatures named Boxtrolls. A human orphan named Eggs lives with these creatures and participates as one of them. However, these relatively harmless creatures face extermination at the hands of an evil man named Archibald Snatcher. In turn, Eggs goes above ground to attempt to save the defenseless Boxtrolls.

7. Kubo And The Two Strings

To conclude this list, we have the most recently released movie here, Kubo and The Two Strings! If you are into Samurais, then this is the film for you! Go ahead and enjoy this masterpiece!

Kubo and The Two Strings Movie Summary

A young boy named Kubo is about to have his life turned upside down when he accidentally releases a malicious spirit from the past. Soon after, he teams up with Monkey (a wooden charm magically brought to life) and Beetle (a former imperial guard who was turned into a beetle). Kubo must use his skills to defeat this spirit and find out the truth about what happened to his deceased father; the greatest samurai to ever walk the planet.

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