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Where Is Grey’s Anatomy Filmed?

Everybody loves a good drama. And some of the best drama shows out there are one which takes place in a hospital. There is no telling how crazy things will escalate to when you want a show based inside of a hospital! One of the show’s that does this very well is this one right here, Grey’s Anatomy! If you’ve watched it which we think you have, you know that things go from 0 to 100 real quick!

Now, bringing us to the reason why you are here. You must be on the search for the locations that the producers of the show decided to film at. Well, if you have questions such as, “Where is Grey’s Anatomy filmed?” then you have definitely come to the right place. We have gone and gathered all the loations used during this shows prodution. So, if that sound like what you ae looking for, then just keep on reading and we’ll answer all your questions regarding the filming locations of this show.

Grey’s Anatomy Filming Locations

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Alright, so where exactly did the producers of this show decide to film it? Well, we’ll start of with a more broad locations if you are just looking for a quick answer. Show-makers decided to film the entire show in the state of California. Now, if yuo are looking for some more details on this topic then just keep on reaing to find out more.

Locations Used In California

Okay, so where exactly did producers decide to film Grey’s Anatomy. Well, we’ll start with the location that’s most likely on your mind right now. The hospital itself. The real identity of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is theĀ Veterans Administration Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center locatedĀ in North Hills, California. For any interior scenes inside of the hospital walls though, producers did use a large soundstage to film all of those. What about the bar which the character hang out at named Joe’s Bar. Well, McMurphy’s Restaurant and Tavern located in Pasadena poses as that bar. Sadly it did close down though.

Other than that there aren’t any other locations that producers used to film the show. We hope that we answered all your questions regarding the filming locations of Grey’s Anatomy.

Scene from Grey's Anatomy for where is Grey's Anatomy filmed post.
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