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Where Was The Goonies Filmed?

The Goonies has to be one of everyone’s favorite movies! Like, who doesn’t love the Truffle Shuffle!? It’s one hell of a classic, and if you haven’t watched it then you must! If you are here, then you are searching for the locations where The Goonies was filmed. Well, we’ve uncovered some pretty interesting things about the production of the movie and the spots where it was shot. So, continue reading, and we will answer all your questions!

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The Goonies Filming Locations

The Goonies production took place in a few places. However, Astoria, Oregon is the primary location where the creators decided to film most of the movie. The fun part is that Astoria is where the movie takes place! So it is, in fact, a real place that you can go and visit!

Locations Used In Astoria

Astoria is located on the far northeast coast of Oregon. You can actually still visit some of the locations and buildings featured in the film! If you want to go visit the Clatsop County Jail, you can! It’s the same one from the infamous Goonies opening scene of Jake Fratelli’s (Robert Davi) jailbreak! That’s not the only place either! You can actually visit the Bowling Alley, The Walsh House, The Wang House, and The Flavel House! We highlight these locations further down.

What is that Beach in the Movie?

One of the more memorable locations in the movie is the beach! Obviously! Most of the super well-known scenes took place on Cannon Beach, which lies a little south of Astoria in Ecola State Park. You can also see the Goonies rocks here, as they shot those scenes by Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach!

What About One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship?

Well, scenes of the ship, caves, and tunnels actually took place on giant soundstages in Burbank, California. So, sadly, you cannot visit them. However, One-Eyed Willy’s pirate ship wasn’t the work of special effects! The producers had a team build a real-life pirate ship and it took over 2 months to complete!

Locations For The Bowling Alley and Houses

Bowling Alley

LC Bowl is located at the intersection of HWY 30 & 8th Street, in downtown Astoria, Oregon.

The Walsh House and The Wang House

Located at 368 38th Street, Astoria, Oregon, the Wang House is located right next door to the Goonies house (Walsh House)!

The Flavel House

The Flavel House is located at 441 8th Street, in Astoria, Oregon.

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