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Scenes from Moana for the Moana Easter eggs post.

10 Moana Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Scenes from Moana for the Moana Easter eggs post.

Best Moana Easter Eggs

Who here, loves movie Easter eggs? We at Endless Popcorn most definitely do! It’s always really cool to see all the different hidden things that the creators like to put in their movies. If you are on this post, you are most likely looking for Moana easter eggs. So, we’ve put together a list of 10 Moana easter eggs that may have been too subtle for you to catch! But, once you see them, you can never unsee them! So please enjoy the post. And if you want, go back and watch the movie again to see if you catch any easter eggs that weren’t on this list!

1. Marshmallow from Frozen

One of the first Moana easter eggs that made an appearance in the movie is this one right here! It’s Marshmallow from Frozen! You have to be quick to catch it though! It happens when Moana is in school, and her dad is explaining to the children that there are no monsters.

2. Moana Helping A Baby Turtle

To understand this one, you have to be a Lilo and Stitch fan! It’s a direct reference to when Stitch helped a pair of turtles make their way to the ocean! This scene takes place towards the beginning of the movie when Moana is still a baby!

3. Squirt

Who doesn’t love this little dude! Its Squirt from Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory! This is a really fun Easter egg if you managed to catch it! The scene takes place when Moana is being led into the ocean by conch shells as a child! If you missed it, this one is definitely worth going back to watch!

4. Olaf From Frozen In Moana’s Boat

If you look closely, you can see that our favorite snowman has made it into Moana! Well, at least, part of him. You can check this Moana Easter egg out when Moana is packing to go on her adventure! You can clearly see Olaf’s nose and one of his arms crammed into the cubby of the boat!

5. Aladdins Magic Carpet

It’s the Magic Carpet! That’s right, Aladdin’s infamous magic carpet makes a brief appearance in Moana. The magic carpet makes its appearance when Moana is singing “How Far Will I Go” during the beginning of the movie!

6. The People’s Eyebrow

All you Dwayne Johnson fans had to have enjoyed this relic! It’s one of the Rock’s signature moves from his days as a wrestler! It’s called The People’s Eyebrow. Maui performs the move when he and Moana meet for the first time! It would be a rather noticeable nod to Dwayne Johnson for anyone who was a wrestling fan of his back in the day!

7. Kakamora Chase Sequence

Okay, so all you Mad Max fans will definitely appreciate this next Moana Easter egg! The whole Kakamora Chase scene hints at the Mad Max: Fury Road long chase sequence! One other really cool thing to notice is that the drumbeat coming from the Kakamoras boat is the same as that from the Music Car in Mad Max: Fury Road!

8. Baymax From Big Hero 6

Oh, my Lord, our fat inflatable friend has made a quick appearance in the Kakamora chase! If you look closely when Moana boards the ship, when all the Kakamora turn around, Baymax is perched among the Kakamora on the middle right side of the screen! Definitely, a hard one to catch as all of the Kakamora look nearly identical.

9. Genie Lamp From Aladdin

This one, right here, has to be one of the more subtle and difficult Moana easter eggs to notice. If you look in the bottom left corner, you can see the Genie lamp from Aladdin! During this scene, Maui is on Tamatoa reclaiming his fishhook. So, if you missed this one, you’ll have to be very vigilant next time you watch the movie because it blends in very well.

10. Sven The Reindeer From Frozen

A little Moana Easter egg for all you Frozen fans also made an appearance! It’s Sven! This one is a little easier to catch than some of the others since it’s a reindeer underwater! Sven makes a quick emergence when Maui manages to get his fish hook back and struggles to shapeshift correctly. So, if you happened to miss this one, go back to the scenes with Tamatoa and try to catch it!

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