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Where Was Rambo Filmed?

One of everyone’s all-time favorite action movie classics! We don’t think that Rambo has ever let anyone down after watching it. Who doesn’t love watching massive Sylvester Stallone kick some major butt?!

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If you are here, then you must be wondering which locations producers decided to shoot this excellent film at! Well, we have done all the research for you and have uncovered all the locations where Rambo was shot! So keep on reading and find the answers to your questions!

Rambo Filming Locations

I don’t think that any character in cinema history is more badass than Rambo!

The scenery in the film is also phenomenal. We did some research and found out that the producers of the film shot it in Canada! Keep on reading to find out all the cool locations that the producers used in Canada.

Locations Used In Canada

For the locations chosen, producers filmed a large chunk of the movie in British Colombia. They did most of the filming in the winter, making the scenery all the more beautiful.

For most of the film’s town scenes, producers chose Hope, British Colombia and also areas surrounding the Othello Tunnels.

Producers also did more filming in the beautiful  Golden Ears Provincial Park and  Pitt Lake in Pitt Meadows! Other than these, no other locations were used for filming!

Where Was Rambo Filmed? Stunning 1982 Film Locations
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