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Where Was Pete’s Dragon Filmed?

Ever wonder where Pete’s Dragon’s stunning scenes were filmed? If so, you’ve come to the right place! However, this post focuses on the Pete’s Dragon released in 2016 and not the 1977 film. The two movies were not actually filmed in the same locations! Filmmakers set the original Pete’s Dragon in New England and the production took place in California, unlike its remake. So please enjoy the post and let us satisfy your curiosities.

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Pete’s Dragon Filming Locations

The main location of production for the 2016 Pete’s Dragon is New Zealand. Some of the locations used in the film are the same as those in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.

Locations Used In New Zealand

Rotorua, Central North Island

The Whakarewarewa Forest is where most of the movie’s forest scenes took place. The forest is located in Rotorua, which is New Zealand’s Central North Island. You can visit the forest and view the beautiful Californian Redwoods that make an appearance in the movie.

Wellington, Lower North Island

Rotorua is not the only location on the North Island that the movie production took place. Weta Digital is the company behind most of the special effects in the movie. They are based in Wellington, which is the Lower North Island of New Zealand. One of the more iconic scenes in Pete’s Dragon took place in Battle Hill Farm Park, which is only 30 minutes from Wellington.

Queenstown and Paradise, Lower South Island

The aerial scenes in the movie took place in Queenstown and Paradise, on New Zealand’s Lower South Island. More of the locations used on the island are Deer Park Heights and the Remarkables Mountains.

Tapanui, Lower South Island

The fictional town of Millhaven is in reality Tapanui. The producers transformed Tapanui into a small logging town which, in the movie, was located in America’s Pacific Northwest. Lastly, one of the last locations used is Conical Hill.

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