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I’m sure all of you have watched this incredible and hilarious film! And, if you are on this post, you must be wondering where in the world producers shot this movie! Well, we’ve done some research and put together a quick post detailing the locations used for this movie! Keep on reading to satisfy your curiosities.

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Where Was Nacho Libre Filmed?

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The production of Nacho Libre took place in the beautiful country of Mexico. Filmmakers didn’t use any other sites outside of Mexico. And it doesn’t seem like they needed to because the country is absolutely gorgeous.

Locations In Mexico

So, where exactly in Mexico did producers shoot this hilarious comedy!? Well, the whole production of the film took place at only one location! And that location is the beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico!

Producers shot the field trip scene at the end of the film at the archaeological site of Monte Albans which is also located in Oaxaca, Mexico.

As you can see, in terms of film locations, this film production was pretty simple! We hope you enjoyed this short post and that we were able to satisfy your curious mind! Now go visit the beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico and you can train to be the next Nacho Libre!

Scene in Nacho Libre for where was Nacho Libre filmed post.
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