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Where Was Baywatch Filmed?

You know it’s going to be an incredible movie if the Rock or Zack Effron are in it! But what about when both of them star in the film!? Well, then we are sure to get one of the funniest movies out there! And Baywatch is proof of that!

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This movie is absolutely hilarious! So, you must be here wondering where all the spots in the film are located in real life. Well, we have done some research and put together a quick article pointing out where exactly producers shot the film! So continue reading to satisfy all your curiosities!

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Baywatch Filming Locations

So, where was Baywatch filmed!? Well, this film featured a few beautiful locations down in Florida! Not only that, but some of the beach scenes that made it into the movie were also shot in Georgia!

Locations Used In Florida

There are a few beautiful Florida locations that made it into the film’s final production. The primary filming location was Deerfield Beach located near the International Fishing Pier. Boca Raton Beach is another beach used during production. It made its appearance in the opening scene.

A couple of smaller locations made it into the movie as well. Boca Beach Club was used for the party scenes and The One Thousand Ocean building was also used!

Locations Used In Georgia

Now we come to Georgia. Though most of the filming took place in Florida, some locations in Georgia made it into the film! One spot was the beautiful Tybee Island beach. Producers filmed near the Walter Parker Pier and Pavilion for these beach scenes.

If you are wondering where the hilarious jet ski chase scene took place, then you don’t have to wonder anymore! Filmmakers shot that scene near Estill Hammock Marina which is also in Tybee Island!

One last location used in Georgia is Savannah’s Memorial University Medical Center which was used for the scenes at the morgue.

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