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Where Was 12 Strong Filmed?

12 Strong is one of the best war epics to come out in recent years. This film really puts you in the middle of the action. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the frontlines of the war zone in Afganistan! It’s one hell of a movie!

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If you are here, then you must be curious as to where the producers filmed this movie to make it seem as though they were really in Afganistan! Well, we have done our research and found out all the filming locations used to make 12 Strong! Keep on reading to find out exactly where filmmakers shot this great war movie!

12 Strong Filming Locations

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Set in Afghanistan, producers had to ensure that they chose the right locations to accurately portray the war-torn country. Filmmakers decided on shooting this film in multiple locations around the mountainous and desert areas of the state of New Mexico! Producers did not require any other sites for the film’s production!

Locations Used In New Mexico

Producers used quite a few locations in New Mexico during the making of this film. One of the primary sites used during the production were the mines near Orogrande, New Mexico. There are over three thousand abandoned mines in the area, and the terrain is very similar to that of Afghanistan. A majority of filming took place here.

Another major location used during the production was Socorro, New Mexico. Socorro is an agricultural and ranching community with a rich history, and the third largest city in New Mexico.

One other stunning location the filmmakers used is the incredible open landscapes of Alamogordo which lies in the Chihuahuan Desert and is bordered by the Sacramento Mountains.

The final area chosen for filming was Albuquerque, New Mexico. Located in the heart of the state, Albuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city. Rich in tradition, history meets modern in this culturally diverse city known for its architecture, artwork, and cuisine.

Scene from 12 Strong for where was 12 Strong filmed post.
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