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Harry Potter scene for where was Harry Potter filmed post.

Where Was Harry Potter Filmed? Stunning 2001 Film Locations

Harry Potter scene for where was Harry Potter filmed post.

Where Was Harry Potter Filmed?

One of the best film series ever made is without a doubt the Harry Potter series! Filmmakers used many stunning locations to film each of the movies in the franchise! So, you must be wondering where exactly these locations are! Well, we’ve got some good news for you! We have put together all the most iconic locations used in all the Harry Potter movies! Keep on reading to satisfy your curiosities!

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Harry Potter Filming Locations

So, the Harry Potter series has an absolute abundance of filming locations! This is because of how many movies there are in the franchise. However, if we dumb it down first, most of the filming took place in the United Kingdom. Now, that’s a very broad answer, so if you keep reading we will go into a bit more detail!

Locations Used In the United Kingdom

Okay, so now we get a little more specific. Inside the United Kingdom, producers shot the Harry Potter films throughout England, and Scottland! They used multiple smaller locations inside each country to capture all the beautiful scenes in the movie.

Locations In London

As far as we know, filmmakers used 10 locations during filming in London! Starting with the Australia House, used for scenes inside of Gringotts. Next, we have King’s Cross Station, which is where the future wizards board the train to Hogwarts! The scene of the bridge collapsing in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince was shot at the Millennium Bridge. London City Hall also made a quick appearance in The Half-Blood Prince.

A few smaller locations used in the films include Great Scotland Yard, Claremont Square, Leadenhall Market, and Piccadilly Circus. The scene where Harry discovers he can speak to snakes took place in the Reptile House, London Zoo.

Finally, for the entrance to King’s Cross station, producers used St Pancras Renaissance Hotel as the film sight. These are all the locations in London that we were able to find that made it into the films!

Other Locations In England

London is not the only site where filming took place in England. There are lots of locations throughout the country that were used for filming. We found a total of 11 locations that producers decided to film at!

Starting off, both Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle have made many appearances during exterior and interior scenes of Hogwarts. Next off, you may remember Malham Cove from when Harry and Hermione are in hiding from Voldemort. Some of the less notable locations used during filming are Lacock Abbey, Goathland Train Station, Seven Sisters Country Park, New College, and Hardwick Hall. Another beautiful location used for the interior of Hogwarts is Gloucester Cathedral!

For the Quidditch World Cup producers used Ashridge Wood, a gorgeous location in England! The final location we found in England is Virginia Water, which represents Hogwarts’ lake.

Locations In Scotland

For Scotland, we were only able to find 8 film locations used by filmmakers. One of the more iconic locations used in the film is Glenfinnan, which producers used as the bridge to Hogwarts! The Jacobite Steam Train made its debut as the Hogwarts express! Other than those two, the other locations are minor film sites. These include Loch Etive, Glen Coe, Loch Eilt, Train line between Corrour and Rannoch stations, Loch Arkaig, and Lochaber Rural Complex.

These were all the locations that we could find that the producers used for the shooting of the Harry Potter films! We hope you enjoyed!

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