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Where Is Stranger Things Filmed?

Stranger Things is arguably one of the best Netflix original series to ever air. It really brings one hell of a viewing experience to our screens! One thing this show does really well is it gives the viewer a constant eerie feeling. Producers accomplish this by shooting dark and meticulously chosen scenery. The show has released two seasons so far with a third one in the works! It’s such a good show that viewers simply can’t stand the wait for the next season.

So, you must be here because you are wonder where precisely the producers of the show filmed to give you that uneasy sense of fear. Well, we have gone and done some research and found out exactly where producers decided to film this phenomenal show. So, if that interest you then keep on reading to find the answers to all your questions!

Stranger Things Filming Locations

So, you must want to know where producers filmed Stranger Things. Well, the answer to that question is, they filmed the show in Georgia! The entire production of the show has taken place only in the State of Georgia and nowhere else. And we’ve got to say that it’s definitely a fitting location for the show.

Locations Used In Georgia

Well, now you know that the producers filmed the show in Georgia. But if you are looking for some more specific areas then read on because we have plenty!

Well, for the most part, producers stuck around the cities of Atlanta, Jackson, and Douglasville. However, they used many different locations in those cities, and we will detail some of the most iconic sites used in the show!

Starting off, we have the Arcade which the boys play at. The location used for the Arcade is 6501 Church Street, Douglasville, GA. For the Hawkings Police Station, producers used 8485 Courthouse Square West, Douglasville, GA. Next up, we have the Hawkins National Laboratory. Producers used 1256 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, GA. The Woods and Train Tracks are located at Stone Mountain Park, 5536 E Mountain St, Stone Mountain, GA. The Hawkings Middle School, which the children attend, is located at 109 South Lee Street, Stockbridge, GA.

Next up we have a few more of the lesser important locations. Starting us off, we have the Hawkins Cinema. Producers used the corner of 2nd Street and North Oak Street, Jackson, GA for this one. For the interior shots of the Hawkins Public Library, 2777 McGee Way, East Point, GA was used. However, for the exterior, producers used Butts County Probate Court, Jackson. That’s about it for the filming except for the houses of the families which you can find below!

Locations Of The Stranger Things Homes

Now, that about wraps it up for us! We hope you enjoyed this post and found all the answers you were looking for, especially your most pressing question: “Where is Stranger Things filmed?”

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