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Where Is Shameless Filmed?

Ah, here we have America’s favorite dysfunctional family. This family is entirely out of whack, and just about everything that shouldn’t happen in a family does happen for these guys. Without a doubt, Shameless is one of the funniest shows to ever air on television!

What makes it so great? Maybe it’s because there is absolutely no line that this show isn’t willing to cross! If you are here, you must be wondering where precisely producers film this hilarious show. Well, we know the answers to all your questions about the locations used during the show’s production! Just keep on reading, and you’ll find the answers to your questions!

Shameless Filming Locations

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So where did producers film Shameless? Well, this show actually uses a few different locations. Producers used numerous spots in Illinois for a majority of the show’s production. Producers also used California as another shooting location. However, they used California more for the scenes shot in studios and not much else.

Locations Used In Illinois

Okay, so where in Illinois did the producers film Shameless? The principal shooting location for the show is actually Chicago! Many smaller locales in Chicago were also used. We will list those off and explain how they were used in the show.

Locations Used In Chicago

First, we have the Gallagher House and the location used for that is 2119 S Homan Ave, Chicago, IL.

Next, we have the house of one of the weirdest couples on the show, Kevin and Veronica. The house used to represent their home is located at 2113 S Homan Ave, Chicago, IL.

What about that nightclub where Fiona met our mystery boy Steve? Well, that’s located on 5th St and Frank Ct, Los Angeles, CA.

And, for the Jackson household, producers used 1937 S. Spaulding Ave, Chicago, IL.

And that’s not all. Almost every single home, nightclub, restaurant, and store you see throughout the show is located in Chicago! Being set in Chicago, it only makes sense for the producers to actually film the show there!

Locations Used In California

Producers shot the scenes of our favorite bar, The Alibi Room, at a studio in Burbank California!

Well, that about wraps up all the locations used for Shameless! We hope we managed to answer all your questions.

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