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Where Was Friends Filmed?

Friends stand above most as one of the best shows to ever air on television to this date. It’s up there next to The Office! If you are a hardcore Friends fan then you may think The Office is trash and vice versa. But we believe both are amazing. And the proof that they are amazing is that you can watch the shows a million times and never end up bored or tired of them! Regardless, we should all agree that Friends took us for one hell of a ride throughout all its seasons and will go down in history as one of the best shows ever.

But now let’s get to the reason for what you’re searching for on this page. You must be wondering about all the filming locations used for the production of this show. Well, if you have questions such as, “Where was Friends filmed?” or anything of that sort, then you have definitely come to the right place. We have put together a list of all the major locations that producers used to film this show. So just keep on reading to find out exactly where producers filmed your favorite show!

Friends Filming Locations

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Okay, so where was Friends filmed!? Well, we’ll start off with a more broad answer for those of you who want a quick answer and nothing more. Producers chose the states of California and New York for the entire production of the show. Now, if you want a more detailed answer then keep on reading below and we’ll unveil the locations in California and New York that the show-makers used.

Locations Used In California And New York

Alright, so where in California did producers decide to film? Well, a lot of filming took place in Burbank, California. But, sadly most filming did take place inside of a studio. Essentially most of the exterior shots of major locations in the show you can find in New York. However, when the scenes switch to the interior then producers most likely filmed it in a studio down in Burbank.

For the iconic apartments in the show, producers used the exterior of The West Village, at 90 Bedford Street in New York. Now, if you are looking for the museum that Ross worked at it doesn’t actually exist. Not with that name anyways. Producers used the American Museum of Natural History to portray the one in the show. The West Village playhouse also made its way into the show a few times as well.

Other than these places, not many other locations were used as producers filmed most of the show inside of a studio. We hope we managed to answer all your questions regarding the locations used to film this show!

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