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The Rock And Kevin Hart Movies

Kevin Hart and The Rock in the same movie together! You know it! These guys have to be some of the funniest dudes on the planet. Like seriously, these two work so well together. Any movie starring them both will, without a doubt, have you laughing. Sadly though, there are currently only two movies that they star in together. But, there is a third one on this list that is coming out later this year with both of them in it! So, to answer the commonly asked question, yes The Rock and Kevin Hart are going to be in more movies together! We all know we want it. I mean, why wouldn’t we? The Rock and Kevin Hart movies are seriously some of the funniest out there and we cant wait for more!

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1.  Central Intelligence

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This movie is downright hilarious! Dragged along by the Rock whose character plays a CIA agent, Kevin Hart plays an innocent accountant who is in over his head. Packed with non-stop action and humor, this movie definitely makes it worth your while to watch it.

Central Intelligence Movie Description

Now a top CIA agent, Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) was known as a laughing stock in high school. Bob’s real name in high school was Robbie Wheirdicht. He was an obese kid who looked funny as well. Bullied throughout his high school carrier, the final straw broke when a group of bullies threw Robbie out naked in front of the whole school during an assembly. During all the commotion and laughing, a highschooler named Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) gave Robbie his varsity jacket to cover up. Known as the most popular high schooler who had the most potential for the future, Calvin was one of the few who was sympathetic towards Robbie. After that day, Robbie Weirdicht disappeared.

Fast forward, years later Calvin receives a friend request on Facebook from Bob Stone. Soon after, Calvin learns that Bob Stone is actually Robbie Weirdicht from high school. Calvin doesn’t recognize Robbie due to the crazy transformation he went through. Robbie is now a tall, muscular, and skilled martial artist who works for the CIA. Ending up involved in some CIA business, Calvin is not ready for the crazy and exhilarating journey he is about to have with the infamous Bob Stone.

2.  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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This movie doesn’t only have Kevin Hart and The Rock, but, it also has Jack Black! Three absolutely hilarious dudes in the same movie! Not to mention, it’s also a Jumanji movie. So like, you absolutely can’t go wrong with watching thi movie!

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Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Movie Description

Given detention for different reasons, four high schoolers find themselves together in the school’s basement cleaning it out to serve their time. One of them finds a console with the game Jumanji inserted in it. After turning it on and choosing their character, all four students find themselves transported into the game world. To return to the real world, they must beat the game and embark on a treacherous adventure. All four of them will learn about each other throughout the way and possibly change how they think about themselves.

Will Their Be More Kevin Hart And The Rock Movies?

Jumanji 3

Yup! Officially announced by The Rock, Jumanji 3’s release should be on December 13th of this year (2019)! Once again, it will starr Kevin Hart, The Rock, and Jack Black! We’re in for a wonderful surprise when this movie comes out and we can’t hold our excitement back! We hope to see even more movies starring these three legends together in the near future.

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