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Top Parkour Movies

Parkour is one of the most badass and dangerous acts a human can possibly perform. Now, if you’re like us, you probably don’t partake in this sport either but instead get a huge thrill out of watching it! The movies on this list have to be the most intense and action-packed parkour movies out there. These parkour movies take the sport to a whole other level though. This isn’t just guys jumping from building to building, which in and of itself is already pretty amazing. Packed with explosions, guns, fighting, chases, and more, these parkour movies will offer you an exhilarating experience! So please, grab your popcorn and get ready to enjoy this list of parkour movies you absolutely need to watch!

1. Tracers

A group of people using parkour to pull off heists!? What more is there to say? This movie is perfect for both parkour and heist movie lovers! It puts an exhilarating twist on both categories of movies and works beautifully together. So, if you are into either of those catagories this movie is just right for you!

Tracers Movie Description

Currently in major debt with a violent gang, Cam (Taylor Lautner) meets a stunning woman named Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos) who has a secret of her own. Soon after, Cam finds out that Nikki is part of a group that uses parkour to pull off big heists. Later on, Nikki offers Cam a chance to run with the group. With Cam’s current debt to the violent and unforgiving gang, he quickly accepts in hopes of making enough to pay them off and guaranteeing his safety. Will Cam pay off his debts fast enough?

2. Brick Mansions

Yes, we know that this movie is a remake of District 13 which is actually the next movie on this list. However, that won’t stop us from putting it here! The nonstop action and parkour make this movie amazing! And who doesn’t want to see Paul Walker do some absolutely insane parkour!?

Brick Mansions Movie Description

Surrounded by a massive 40-foot wall and separated from the rest of Detroit, Brick Mansions is home to the most dangerous criminals in the city. One of these criminals is Tremaine Alexander (RZA). Word reaches beyond the wall that Alexander is plotting to destroy the whole city. Called in to handle the problem, Damien Collier (Paul Walker) is the only one who possesses the skill to prevent this catastrophe. With no other cops inside the wall, Damien will get no help other than an ex-convict on the inside named Leito (David Belle). Hesitant to accept Lino’s help, they both must race against time to stop Alexander from leveling the city.

3. District 13

If you read up above, then you know that Brick Mansions is the remake of this movie. However, we would recommend watching both of them because they really are that good! Plus, the two movies are not exactly the same, so you can compare and contrast what you like more about each one!

District 13 Movie Description

Walled off because the authorities are unable to control the crime, section B13 is one of the most dangerous places in Paris. A criminal named Taha (Bibi Naceri) has recently acquired a bomb that endangers the whole district. To help obtain and disarm the stolen bomb, a member of an elite police force named Damien Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli) must infiltrate B13. With no other cops willing to go into the walled-off hell hole, Damien must team up with a civilian that lives in B13 in hopes of saving the district.

4. District 13: Ultimatum

This next movie is the continuation of District 13 and it is, in fact, just as badass as its prequel! Once again this title delivers a crazy action-packed, parkour experience. This movie will make you want to go out and try some of these crazy stunts! So, if you do, take it one step at a time!

District 13: Ultimatum Description

Following the events of District 13, three years later Damien (Cyril Raffaelli) and Leito (David Belle) return to B13. Nothing but failed efforts to restore law and order to the crime-infested District 13 leaves little hope for it. Only violence and an increase in crime followed the death of gang overlord Taha Ben Mahmoud (Bibi Naceri). As a result, 5 separate gangs now fight each other for total control of the area, filling the power vacuum Taha left behind. However, there are new members at play too. Coupled with corrupt government agents from the DISS, Damien and Leito must find a way to defeat both the gangs and agents to finally bring peace to District B13.

5. Assassin’s Creed

What! Assassins Creed in movie form!? Ohhh, yes, baby! If you’ve ever played the games then you know just how badass these assassins can be. If you have, then you know that parkour is everywhere in this movie! And it takes place in 15th century Spain for most of the movie! In turn, the parkour adds a medieval twist to modern day free running! So if you want to see an assassin perform the Leap of Faith, then this is the movie for you!

Assassin’s Creed Movie Description

The Animus, a machine that allows someone to relive an ancestor’s memories using their genetic code. The Abstergo Foundation, who are the owners of the Animus, choose a man named Cal Lynch (Michael Fassbender) to use the machine. Cal’s ancestor is Aguilar de Nerha, who is a member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. Fighting to protect free will, the assassins must hold back the Templar Order. The Templar order is after the Apple of Eden, which has the power to eliminate humanity’s free will. The last person to possess the apple is Aguilar de Nerha. In turn, this makes Cal Lynch the only one able to access Aguilar’s memories. Will Cal find the Apple or is it better to leave it lost as it should be?

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6. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

If we were to compare this movie to any other movie on this list, it would be Assassin’s Creed. However, we are not suggesting they follow the same storyline but they do have a similar vibe. Prince of Persia is an amazing movie that offers some incredible sword fight scenes with lots of parkour integrated into them. This movie is definitely worth a watch because it delivers tons of action and parkour!

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Description

Adopted by King Sharaman (Ronald Pickup), the current King of Persia, a stray and poor boy named Dastan is now a prince. Fifteen years into the future Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his two brothers lead the Persian army to siege the holy city of Alamut. Victorious in their conquest, Dastan takes a sacred dagger off the Kings Guard after defeating him. Murdered soon after, King Sharaman is now dead. Tus (Richard Coyle), one of Dastans brothers, accuses him of killing their father. Dastan quickly escapes and is now on the run. Soon after, Dastan figures out that the dagger gives the wielder the power to access the Sands of Time which is located in Alamut. This gives the wielder incredible power, as the Sands of Time gives mortals the ability to turn back time itself. Can Dastan prove his innocence before its too late?

Scene from Assassin's Creed, one of the parkour movies.
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