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Movies Like Bad Boys

We don’t know about you but we were so excited when we heard Bad Boys For Life was coming out! Before going to see it, we had to rewatch the previous two to reminisce in the hilarious crime-fighting partners’ antics. It has been nearly 17 entire years since the release of Bad Boys Two and 25 years since the original film! That’s insane to us! Let us tell you when we went to see the new one, we were not let down at all. It was everything we could ever want in a Bad Boys movie! If you haven’t seen them yet, then go ahead and rewatch the first two and then go and watch the new one! It’s so worth it!

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If you are here, then there is no question as to whether or not you are a fan of Bad Boys. You are here because you love the film and want to find more movies like Bad Boys to pass time and enjoy life. The good news is that there is an abundance of movies similar to Bad Boys that you can go and watch right now! All these movies are hilarious and action-packed films. Go grab your favorite snack and keep scrolling to see which one of our picks you’ll watch next!

1. 21 Jump Street

Starting off our list of movies like Bad Boys we have one that you may recognize. This movie shares so many things with Bad Boys and will have you dying of laughter. You can’t go wrong with both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in a movie.

21 Jump Street Movie Description

Cop partners Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) have recently joined a top-secret Jump Street unit. They have been tasked with posing as high-school students to gather information on a drug ring running out of the school. Their youthful appearance helps them fit in, however, the two quickly realize that high school has changed over time and is nothing like it was before. Now, they must both suffer through their teenage years again while uncovering the school’s dirty secrets.

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2. The Other Guys

Both these guys are ridiculously hilarious and we personally love it when they star in films together. Like Bad Boys, this movie has crazy action and will have you laughing throughout the entire film!

The Other Guys Movie Description

NYPD detectives Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) don’t work in the field as the other detectives do. They work behind desks, which doesn’t allow them to have the heroic moments they dream of. Gamble doesn’t mind working behind a desk filling out papers, but it’s a different story for Hoitz. He wants to be put back in the field living the action-packed life he knows he should be living. A chance to prove themselves has landed in their laps when a small case ends up unraveling into something bigger than anyone could have expected.

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3. Central Intelligence

When you think of movies like Bad Boys this is like the sophisticated version of that! You have two of the best actors in Hollywood in this film and they don’t disappoint. Within the first few minutes of the movie, you’ll already be dying of laughter!

Central Intelligence Movie Description

Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) used to be an athletic superstar in high school but now works as an accountant and misses his glory days. On the other hand, Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) didn’t have a great high school life. He was bullied relentlessly until no one heard from him again. The only person to not make fun of Bob was Calvin. Now, years later, Bob is a super fit and muscular CIA agent. He meets up with Calvin in hopes he’ll help him with a mission he’s on. It was meant to be an easy numbers job for Calvin but he’s about to embark on one of the most dangerous journeys in his life.

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4. Lethal Weapon

You already know we had to add a classic to this list! If you haven’t seen this film for some reason then you have to change that right now! This is one you don’t want to miss!

Lethal Weapon Movie Description

LA detective Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), becomes reckless and suicidal after the death of his wife. Due to this he is reassigned and partnered with Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover). The two immediately clash. When the two find out about a huge drug ring they must find a way to put their differences aside. As the mission goes on and the two detectives encounter increasingly dangerous situations, they actually begin to form a type of bond together.

5. Rush Hour

Is it really a list of movies like Bad Boys if Rush Hour isn’t on there!? Nope! This should be required to be on any of those lists! There’s nothing better than watching some good ole Jackie Chan in action!

Rush Hour Movie Description

The daughter of a Chinese diplomat has been kidnapped. Hong Kong Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) has been called in to assist the FBI with the case. However, the FBI doesn’t want Lee so they pass him off to the LAPD. While there, they have Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) watch over Lee. The two detectives can’t stand one another. However, they decide to put their differences aside and solve this case together when both the FBI and Police have abandoned them.

6. Blue Streak

Posing as a cop to steal a diamond you hid years ago doesn’t sound like the best plan to us! However, it does make a great movie and that what Blue Streak gives us!

Blue Streak Movie Description

Miles (Martin Lawrence), a thief, decides to hide a diamond at a construction site when a heist he was involved in goes wrong. After serving his time in prison he returns to the site he hid the diamond at. However, there’s one important change. The construction site is now a police station. Miles decides to disguise himself as a recently transferred police officer. While looking for the diamond he stops an escaping and garners the attention of superior Rizzo (Graham Beckel). Due to his actions, he ends up partnered with detective Casey (Luke Wilson) and finds himself tangled in a web of lies.

7. The Heat

Closing off our list of movies like Bad Boys, we have the same thing but with women! And it works hilariously well! It also has Melissa McCarthy so you know you’re in for a treat!

The Heat Movie Description

 Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is known in the FBI for her excellence as well as her arrogance. On the other hand, detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) is the complete opposite. She uses her gut and street knowledge to put criminals away. Things get heated when the two of them are put together to stop a notorious drug lord. However, throughout the mission, the two of them begin to take a liking to one another.

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