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American Pie is a hilarious, iconic high school comedy – and it’s not hard to find other movies like it. There are plenty of comedies out there that are similar in style, tone, subject matter, or even format. The problem? There are too many to choose from! How do you know which to watch?

Of course, this is a difficult question unless you’re a big movie buff who has seen all existing movies like American Pie. Even within the genre of ‘teen comedies’ it’s hard to narrow it down to a specific film. That’s where we come in! Bellow you’ll find our list on what we believe are the best and most similar movies to American Pie! Enjoy!

1.  Superbad

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Superbad Movie Description

A group best friends try and make the most of their last week in high school. They end up invited to a massive house party which they agreed to provide the alcohol for. Now, in a bit of a pickle, they must attempt to come up with a plan to get their hands on enough liquor for the party.

They plan on getting a pair of girls drunk enough to make them want to have sex in order to kick off their sex lives before college. However, their plans go awry when one of them ends up with a pair of cops that have the single goal of showing him how to have a good time.

2.  Good Boys

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Good Boys Movie Description

Max (Jacob Tremblay) asks his best friends Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) for help on how to make out after he’s invited to his first kiss party. After having no luck online, the boys decide to use Max’s dads drone to spy on a pair of teenage girls next door.

However, when the girls end up taking the drone, the group of boys skip school and hatch a plan to rescue his dads beloved drone before he notices that it’s gone.

3.  The Girl Next Door

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The Girl Next Door Movie Description

Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) is the perfect example of the classic overachieving well behaved good kid. He’s never done anything exciting or risky in life. However, that all changes when he falls for his neighbor Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert), who at first glance seems innocent.

He soon finds out that his new love, was actually a one time pornstar. As his world begins to fall apart, Danielle ends up helping Matthew realize that sometimes you have to take some risks for the person you love.

4.  Easy A

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Easy A Movie Description

Olive (Emma Stone) is known to live a clean-cut life. However, when her best friend asks her about her weekend, Olivia decides to change things up and lie about loosing her virginity.

When Marianne (Amanda Bynes), one of the more popular girls at the school overhears, she decides to spread this rumor around the school.

In the matter of a day, Olivia goes from being unknown to everyone talking about her, but not for the right reasons. Instead of letting this hurt her, she turns it into a business of sorts.

5.  Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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Fast Times at Ridgemont High Movie Description

Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh) has no experience in the dating world but would like to gain some experience in it. After taking advice from her friend  Linda Barrett (Phoebe Cates), Stacy find herself trapped in a love triangle.

On one side she has Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) a super nice guy, and on the other she has Mike Damone (Robert Romanus), the classic “bad boy”. All the while her classmate Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn), finds himself pitted against Mr. Hand (Ray Walston), an extremely strict teacher.

6.  The 40 Year Old Virgin

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The 40 Year Old Virgin Movie Description

At 40 years old Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) spends his days working, playing video games, and adding to his action figure collection. Not only that but even though he is 40 years old, Andy has never had sex.

Because of this, his friends decide to push Andy into finally losing his virginity. As Andy learns how to be less awkward around females, he meets Trish (Catherine Keener), a local shop owner. Soon after, the two spark up a strange romantic relationship.

These movies up top are what we believe will give you the best possible experience if you are searching for movies like American Pie. However, we understand that movie buffs like you will run through six films in no time!

So, we’re going to list all the other movies like American Pie we went through that just barely didn’t make it onto the list above. Though they didn’t make it, they are still hilarious and if you’ve watched through our top pick then these should be next on your list.

25 More Hilarious Movies Like American Pie

  • National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002)
  • Road Trip (2000)
  • Loser (2000)
  • American Wedding (2003)
  • Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)
  • Scary Movie (2000)
  • Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
  • The Hot Chick (2002)
  • Why Him? (2016)
  • Blockers (2018)
  • Big Daddy (1999)
  • Old School (2003)
  • There’s Something About Mary (1998)
  • Accepted (2006)
  • Neighbors (2014)
  • EuroTrip (2004)
  • Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
  • Cruel Intentions (1999)
  • Ted (2012)
  • Sex Drive (2008)
  • Winter Break (2003)
  • 21 Jump Street (2012)
  • Booksmart (2019)
  • Porky’s (1981)
  • Animal House (1978)
30+ Hilariously Raunchy Movies Like American Pie
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