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Zombie Movies On Netflix

We all know that a good zombie movie can end up being one of the best movies you’ve seen in a while. Zombie movies have the capability of taking you for an exhilarating and unforgettable ride. The same goes for zombie shows! But, in this post, we will cover the movies. Not just any movies though, we’ll be covering zombie movies on Netflix!

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If there are two things we undoubtedly love it’s Netflix and zombie movies. Though sadly when it comes to Zombie movies on Netflix there isn’t the biggest selection to choose from! We most definitely hope that they change that soon and start to add more to that category. However, out of the zombie movies they do offer us, they do have some great ones to choose from. So, if you have Netflix and want to see some flesh-eating monsters on your screen, just keep on scrolling to see what we have in store for you.

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1. Train To Busan

To start off our list of zombie movies on Netflix we have one of the best zombie films ever created! Train To Busan is a truly horrifying zombie movie that will leave you even more terrified of these flesh-eating creatures than you already were.

Train To Busan Movie Description

A zombie outbreak has erupted in South Korea with pure chaos and violence ensuing because of it. A train has departed from Seoul and makes the trip to Busan amid this outbreak. A father Seok-woo (Yoo Gong), and his estranged daughter Seong-kyeong (You-mi Jung) are on this train. He and everyone else on the train must now fight for their lives and protect their families from the flesh-eating creatures that have begun to take over the world.

2. Cargo

How far would you go to save your child in a plagued world? Well, watch the treacherous journey this infected father is willing to make to attempt to save his child from himself! This one will get your heart pounding.

Cargo Movie Description

A pandemic has created mayhem and has put fear into everyone’s eyes. Andy (Martin Freeman), an infected father is currently stranded in rural ends of Australia. He travels with his young child in hopes of finding a new safe home for her. He must work against time as he will shortly become unrecognizable due to the infection.

3. The Evil Dead

Here we have one of the classic zombie/monster movies which set the standard for what a zombie movie should be like. This is a three-part series and you’ll spend hours watching the three films! Every one of them is definitely worth it!

The Evil Dead Movie Description

Ashley Williams (Bruce Campbell), his girlfriend and three of his friends have planned a hiking trip to a cabin located deep in the woods. Once they arrive at the cabin, they come across a room which contains an ancient book. When someone reads it aloud they unknowingly release evil spirits that will come back to haunt them. They must all now fight for their lives if they don’t want to become one of these creatures now hunting them.

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4. Les Affamés (Ravenous)

Now, you will have to watch this movie with subtitles unless you speak French, but it is one of the better zombie movies on Netflix so it’ll be worth the small amount of reading! The film kind of makes you fear the idea of living in a small secluded village.

Les Affamés (Ravenous) Movie Description

Located in Quebec, a small village begins to suffer a catastrophe because of a deadly plague going around. This isn’t an average sickness though. The virus begins to turn people into flesh-eating monsters causing them to betray and attack anyone nearby. As this plague begins to consume everyone in the village, any survivors begin to escape towards the woods looking for shelter.

5. Life After Beth

To wrap up our list of zombie movies on Netflix we have the awkwardly hilarious Aubrey Plaza to thank for this movie. We have no clue what we would do in a situation like this where a loved one returns from the dead. We would be left speechless and most likely horrified!

Life After Beth Movie Description

Zack (Dane DeHaan) is filled with joy when he discovers that his girlfriend Beth (Aubrey Plaza) has miraculously returned from the dead. However, that joy quickly changes to fear when they uncover some terrifying changes that begin to happen to her.

Scene from Train To Busan for zombie movies on Netflix post.
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