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Scene in Finding Dory for Finding Dory easter eggs post.

9 Best Finding Dory Easter Eggs

Scene in Finding Dory for Finding Dory easter eggs post.

Best Finding Dory Easter Eggs

Once again Pixar doesn’t disappoint with another amazing movie! If you are a Finding Nemo fan, then you absolutely have to watch Finding Dory! If you haven’t, then you are an insane person! Go watch it right away to restore your sanity.

Everybody knows that Pixar absolutely loves their Easter eggs and Finding Dory has an abundance of them! So, if you are looking for some fabulous Finding Dory Easter eggs then just keep reading to find out what we have in store for you!

1. Hank

So, for the first of the Finding Dory Easter eggs, we are starting off with a bang!

Okay, so this may be one of the biggest Easter eggs ever! Even some Pixar employees had absolutely no idea this one was an Easter egg.

So, if you believe that our friend Hank here is a brand new character, then you are very wrong! According to Director Andrew Stanton, Hank has actually made an appearance in every Pixar movie since Toy Story! That’s insane to believe! We can imagine that everyone is now on the search for Hank to see how they missed him!

2. Wall-E Calender

Our good ole post-apocalyptic robot friend Wall-E has made an appearance in the movie! Well, not Wall-E himself, sadly. But you can see his name on a calendar in one of the scenes with Hank and Dory!

3. PA1200

If you thought that the numbers on this boat seemed a little fishy, well, you are right! If you didn’t know, PA1200 is actually short for Pixar’s real address! Their address is, 1200 Park Avenue, Emeryville, California! You can also see the number 86 which represents the year that Steve Jobs purchased Pixar, and the studio became its own company – 1986.

4. Uku Appearance

The infamous Uku has also made it into Finding Dory as a little Easter egg! In the room where Hank and Dory meet, which also contains a few other Finding Dory Easter eggs, you can see Uku on a little fridge magnet! You have to look carefully, or you may miss it!

5. A-113

A-113 makes it into another film! This number appears in nearly all, if not all, Pixar movies! If you don’t know, this number is the number of the classroom at the California Institute of Arts where many animators at Pixar attended! This time you can find it printed on the tags located on these two seals’ tails.

6. Seawater Supply TL59

Maybe you’ll recognize this label. If you are a Disneyland fan and love all the rides, this one should have popped out immediately! It’s plainly visible while waiting in line for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride at Disneyland! The TL59 is short for Tomorrowland 1959 – the year the original attraction opened as Submarine Voyage. The ride was updated and renamed Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in 2007.

7. Darla

It’s a good thing that the evil child known as Darla didn’t make it into the film to torture more fish! However, a picture of her does appear to remind us of this wicked little girl. Also when Dory and Hank meet, if you look closely in the background, you can see a photo of the brace face child!

8. Inside Out’s Riley Cameo

If you look closely into the crowd of children that are on tour at the Marine Life Institute, you may recognize one of the little girls. It seems like Riley has made a brief appearance in a movie other than Inside Out and she looks happy!

9. John Ratzenberger Voice Cameo

Well known for lending his voice to many Pixar films, John Ratzenberger makes an appearance once again. John is actually the only actor to voice a character in every Pixar film.

In Finding Dory, he voices a character that only makes a brief appearance, but if you listen close enough you can definitely make out that it is his voice! John voices the ominous grass-clipping crab which Dory meets in the film!

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