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Scene from Blade for Blade movies in order post.

How To Watch The Blade Movies In Order & Where To Watch Them

Scene from Blade for Blade movies in order post.

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Best Way To Watch The Blade Movies In Order

If you’re a fan of action movies, then you’ve probably heard of the Blade series. Starring Wesley Snipes as the titular vampire hunter, the Blade movies are a trilogy of action-packed films that are perfect for fans of the genre.

If you’re looking to watch the movies in order, then here’s our easy-to-follow guide on how to do so and where to watch them!

Blade Movies In Order Of Release Date

The series consists of three movies, each one released in the span of 6 years starting from 1998. Watching the movies in release date order will allow you to follow the progression of the story and see how the films build on each other.

The following section of the article will guide you through the Blade movies in release date order, providing synopses, trailers, and where to watch the films. So, sit back, relax and get ready for a thrilling and action-packed ride with Blade.

1.  Blade

Where To Watch

Blade Movie Description

Blade (Wesley Snipes), a half-human, half-immortal, sets out to avenge his mother’s death by killing off all vampires. In order to do so, he must first find and destroy the vampires that killed her.

In order to summon an evil god and carry out their plan of executing humanity, Blade’s blood type is required by these modern vampires. He must fight with everything he’s got to prevent this catastrophe from happening.

2.  Blade II

Where To Watch

Blade II Movie Description

Blade (Wesley Snipes) must work with vampires in order to defeat a new type of monster that threatens to eradicate both races.

He must put aside his hatred for vampires if he wants to succeed in protecting both humans and vampires from this new threat.

3.  Blade: Trinity

Where To Watch

Blade: Trinity Movie Description

Blade (Wesley Snipes), the human-vampire hybrid warrior, is on the run. Framed for countless murders, Blade must team up with a band of rogue vampire hunters to save humanity.

The war between humans and vampires rages on, and Blade is humanity’s best hope along with his new team.

Blade Movies In Order Chronologically

Now that you know how to watch the Blade movies in order of their release date, it’s time to cover their chronological order. Luckily for us, this franchise keeps it simple and the chronological order is actually the same as the release date order!

So there is no need to worry about any complicated timestamps or alternate storylines. Plus there is only 3 movies so it can’t really get difficult to understand. All you have to do is watch the films in the release date order listed above and you’ll be set!

  • Blade
  • Blade II
  • Blade: Trinity

Blade Movies FAQ’s

Now that you are familiar with how to watch the Blade movies in order, let’s go ahead and cover some other frequently asked questions.

Are The Blade Movies Connected?

Yes, the Blade movies are connected. Each one builds upon the previous and gives you the full story of the titular character Blade.

Is There A Fourth Blade Movie?

There was a fourth Blade movies in production, however, due to some internal changes at Marvel we may never see the fourth installment to the franchise.

How Many Blade Movies Are There?

There are currently 3 Blade movies with a fourth one possibly in production. The fourth was set to release at the end of 2023, but it is currently unknown if the movie will actually continue production.

What Order Should I Watch Blade In?

We recommend that you watch the Blade movies in their release date order so you can follow the story properly. You would watch Blade, Blade II, and then Blade: Trinity.

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