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Best Ansel Elgort Movies

So, Ansel Elgort isn’t the most well-known actor in Hollywood but you will most likely recognize him from some of the movies he has starred in! We believe he will turn into one of the best actors out there in a few years after giving him some more time to build up his career. Most Ansel Elgort movies really showcase the potential of this young actor and make you think of all the different possible roles he could play in the future.

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Which brings us to the reason why you have come to this page! You must be searching for some of the best Ansel Elgort movies out there for your viewing entertainment. Well, if that sounds like something that interests you then you have come to the right place! We have gathered what we believe are Ansel’s best movies! Just keep on reading to find out exactly what movies we have chosen for you to watch.

1. Baby Driver

For the first film on this list of Ansel Elgort movies, we have one of his most popular and most loved ones, Baby Driver! Imagine being a driver this great. His skills are unmatched! If you want some great action and love cars then give this a watch.

Baby Driver Movie Description

An orphan named Baby (Ansel Elgort) loves two things, music and driving. And he is exceptionally good at driving. He works as a getaway driver for a criminal named Doc who pulls off incredible heists. Baby has one job and one job only, to make sure everyone makes it out without a problem. Baby doesn’t plan on doing this forever, though. He wants to pull off one more job before running away with a gorgeous waitress. Unfortunately, Doc won’t let him go that easily.

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2. The Fault in Our Stars

Next up we have a movie that will without a doubt make you ball your eyes out! You may have heard of this movie as it’s also a book but if you want a good movie on love, then this is the one for you.

The Fault in Our Stars Movie Description

A cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) believes she has met the love of her life, Gus Waters (Ansel Elgort), who she met in her cancer support group. Both of them have the same interests, one of which includes reading books. They get the chance to go on a trip of a lifetime to meet an idol. This trip may end up as one of the last things they both ever do.

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3. Jonathan

Could you live with two personas like this? This just seems way too crazy and insane. We don’t think we could do it. If you haven’t seen this movie then go and give it a watch now.

Jonathan Movie Description

Jonathan (Ansel Elgort) starts his day off early and works at an architecture firm throughout the day. On the other hand, John (Ansel Elgort) wakes up at night and leads a very disorganized and bad life. There’s one major problem though. The two of them have the same body which takes very precise planning from both of them to allow themselves to live peacefully. However, things take a turn for the worst and their lives begin to go downhill rapidly.

4. November Criminals

What lengths would you go to, to solve a mystery about the death of a fellow classmate? Well, find out how far these teens go. Things really do get quite crazy! If you haven’t seen this, definitely watch it.

November Criminals Movie Description

Addison (Ansel Elgort) isn’t your average high school teenager. He roams around in Washington, D.C and hustles his way through life in the criminal underworld in the state. However, he doesn’t do this alone. He does everything with his beautiful soulmate and best friend, named Digger. When one of their classmates die, the two of them try to solve the murder case themselves when they believe the cops have it all wrong.

5. Men, Women & Children

For the final film on this list of Ansel Elgort movies list, we have one hell of a drama which also has some added humor! If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a watch!

Men, Women & Children Movie Description

The internet has solved many issues but also created many problems. A group of teens and their parents try to learn how to properly use the internet to their benefit and improve their lives. But the internet completely changes their lives, and not exactly in the best of ways.

Scene from Jonathan for Ansel Elgort movies post.
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