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Scene from The Office for where was The Office filmed post.

Where Was The Office Filmed? Incredible 2005 Show Locations

Scene from The Office for where was The Office filmed post.

Where Was The Office Filmed?

Without a doubt, nearly everyone knows about this fantastic show. The Office has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, shows ever to exist! You can always find a way to relate yourself, or someone you may know, to one of the characters in the show. Personally, one of our favorites is Kevin Malone. His awkwardness and overall mindlessness leave us dying laughing every time he’s on the screen.

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Now let’s get to the reason why you have come to this page. You are a huge fan of The Office and are looking for the filming locations that producers used for the show. So, if you have questions like, “Where was The Office filmed?” then you have come to the right place!

We have researched and found all the locations that producers used to film this incredible show. So if that sounds like something that interests you, then keep on reading, and we will answer all your questions regarding the filming locations of this show!

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The Office Filming Locations

So, where was The Office filmed!? Well, the quick and simple answer is the beautiful state of California! If you want more detailed information though, then keep on reading and find out the exact spots in California where producers filmed the show!

Locations Used In California

Where is Dunder Mifflin located? Okay, to start we have the primary setting of the show, where almost every scene takes place – the offices of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. For the filming of the offices and anything closely surrounding the office building, producers used the Chandler Valley Center Studios. That’s where most of the filming for the show took place, but we’ll go through a few of the other locations used, such as Michael’s condo.

Where is Michael’s condo? Producers used 7303 Bonnie Place Reseda for scenes taking place at Michael’s condo.

Where is Oscar’s house? For Oscar’s house, producers used 5232 Longridge Avenue, Van Nuys.

What church was used for the Phyllis wedding? For the Phyllis wedding episode filmmakers used a church located at 4390 Colfax Avenue Studio City.

Where is Poor Richard’s Pub? Next, we have Poor Richard’s Pub which you can find at 21010 Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills.

Where is the home of David Wallace located? For the home of David Wallace, producers used 5133 Louise Avenue in Encino.

Where do Pam and Jim from The Office live? Lastly, we have Pam and Jim’s house, which you can locate at 13831 Calvert Street Van Nuys!

Other than this, there are not many other locations. Like we mentioned, most filming for the office building took place at a studio! Regardless, we hope that we have answered all your questions concerning the locations producers used for this show!

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