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7 Dwarfs Names

If you are here you must be wondering what the names of the seven dwarfs in Snow White are. If that’s the case then you have come to the right place. We have listed all 7 dwarf’s names with their pictures so that there is absolutely no confusion as to who is who. This is because some of these little guys look nearly exactly alike. We will also list some interesting things about the dwarfs like how they ended up with their names.

If you didn’t know, Disney actually had different names and dwarfs before the film came out! The original 7 dwarfs names were going to be, Jumpy, Lazy, Puffy, Burpy, Stuffy, Deafy, and Wheezy! But we, as well as most others, agree that the names they ended up choosing are better than the originals. Now, just keep scrolling to find out the names of the 7 dwarfs.

What Are The 7 Dwarfs Names?

1. Bashful

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First up for the names of the seven dwarfs we have good old Bashful. This Dwarf right here is known for his shyness! He is voiced by Scotty Mattraw in the 1937 film.

You can easily recognize Bashful with all the blushing and batting of his eyelids which he does throughout the movie.

2. Doc

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Next up we have Doc. He’s the recognizable leader of the seven dwarfs. Doc is voiced by Roy Atwell in the 1937 film.

You can recognize doc quite easily as he is the only one in the group who wears glasses! He’s also known for his bossy attitude but in a good way, one that represents that of a leader.

3. Dopey

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The most childlike dwarf of the bunch! Dopey is known for his quietness and his affection for Snow White. In the film, Dopey is Voiced by Eddie Collins.

He is one of the more distinctive-looking dwarfs in the group. Dopey happens to be bald and wears his purple hat and is the only one who wears an oversized tunic.

4. Grumpy

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Next up is the one with an attitude worse than a spoiled only child! Grumpy always has something to complain or argue about and will always say no to everything. He is also Doc’s nemesis! Pinto Colvig voices him in the movie.

You can easily recognize him just with his angry attitude! Or you can spot him with his red tunic on. But just a know-it-all attitude and pure stubbornness should be enough.

5. Happy

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Now we have arrived at the opposite of Grumpy. This is the Dwarf who always has a smile on his face! Happy is known for his joyous outlook of the world and always having that smile on his face. Otis Harlan is the voice actor for Happy in the film.

With his big smile and his puffy body, you should be able to easily recognize this dwarf on screen!

6. Sleepy

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This Dwarf lives the life we all wish we could be living. Sleepy is always sleeping! It doesn’t matter where he is, if he gets drowsy then there’s no stopping this dwarf from falling sound asleep! As well as Grumpy, Pinto Colvig does the voice acting for sleepy.

You can tell who sleepy is due to his droopy eyelids and just overall tired look. He looks like a teenager making his way to school in the mornings! Also, don’t let his tiredness fool you, he works just as hard as the rest of the dwarfs!

7. Sneezy

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You probably would want to keep your distance from this one right here. Sneezy always seems to have some sort of cold and simply can’t stop sneezing! The sneezes always end up coming at the worst times too! Billy Gilbert voices this sickly dwarf in the film.

If his constant sneezing isn’t enough for you to recognize this one then there’s something wrong! At least he has his fellow dwarfs who help him through his constant sickness when they can.

That about wraps it up for the 7 dwarf’s names! We hope we managed to answer all the questions you had about the dwarf’s names!

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