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Scene from The Revenant for where was The Revenant filmed post.

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Gorgeous 2015 Film Locations

Scene from The Revenant for where was The Revenant filmed post.

Where Was The Revenant Filmed?

The Revenant is arguably one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best performances ever! This movie is simply jaw-dropping. You’ll experience a multitude of emotions while watching it. You’ll also notice that, with the intensity of this film, it’ll give you goosebumps the entire time as you feel your heart begin to beat out of your chest. This movie earned Leo his first Oscar, and for good reason! The Revenant is an incredible film!

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So, now let’s get to the reason why you are here. If you’ve seen The Revenant then you may have some questions about its stunning filming location! Well, if you have questions like “Where was The Revenant filmed?” then you have come to the right place! We have gone and done some research on all the different locations which producers used while filming this incredible survival movie. We have condensed all the answers you are looking for into a short few paragraphs to make it easily accessible for you! Just keep on reading and find out all the locations that were used to film The Revenant!

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The Revenant Filming Locations

Okay, so where exactly did the producers decide to film this brutally gripping survival movie!? Well, the short and simple answer to that is the beautiful country of Canada! However, producers also filmed parts of the film in Montana and Argentina. As these are still pretty broad locations, you can continue reading and find out where in these countries producers chose to film.

Locations Used In Canada

Starting off, producers filmed most of this movie in Canada. More specifically, they shot around the Kananaskis Country area. The area consists of numerous gorgeous parks and reserves around the Canadian Rockies.

Other Canadian locations include Alberta‚Äôs Bow Valley and Spray Lakes Road. For one of the epic battles in the film, producers decided to film in the Indian Morley reserve. Producers also used some locations in Alberta, Canada, such as the Badlands of Drumheller. One last location that producers used in Canada was the British Columbia area.

Locations Used In Montana

Okay, now moving onto Montana, producers did not use as many locations here as they did in Canda. As a matter of fact, they only used one spot in Montana for the production of the movie. Regardless of this, the location they did use is positively stunning. They used the beautiful Kootenai Falls near Libby in Montana for one of the most intense scenes in the movie!

Locations Used In Argentina

Last, but not least, we have glorious Argentina! So, just like Montana, producers only used one location here while filming the movie. Producers chose the Olivia river located near Ushuaia.

That about wraps up all the locations that producers used during the filming of this movie! We hope that we were able to answer all of your questions concerning the filming locations for The Revenant!

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