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Where Was Safe Haven Filmed?

If you are a romantic man or woman, then you definitely know of this movie. And if you don’t, then you need to know about it. Safe Haven is one of the most beloved romance films out there. In 2013, this was the film that you would hear all the girls talk and cry about. Even to this day, if romance is the topic of the conversation, then this movie will likely come up.

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Now let’s get to the reason that you are here. You must be looking for the locations that producers used to film this movie. So, if you have questions like “Where was Safe Haven filmed?” then you’ve come to the right place.

Well, we have done a bit of research and found out all the iconic locations that producers used during the production of this movie. So if that sounds like something that you are interested in then keep on reading, and we will provide the answers to all the questions you have regarding the filming sites.

Safe Haven Filming Locations

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So, after looking for the best locations to film this romance drama, producers finally settled on the beautiful state of North Carolina. The charming coastal communities of North Carolina offer the perfect setting to complement the whole experience that this movie provides.

But, you may be asking, “Where, exactly, in North Carolina?”. Or “Which coastal communities?”. To answer that question, we’ll have to zoom in a bit to pinpoint the exact locations. So if you want more, then read on to find out all the beautiful spots that producers used in North Carolina during the film’s production.

Locations Used In North Carolina

Okay, so for most of the film, producers decided to stick around the Southport and Wilmington areas of North Carolina. If you go and visit the areas around these two communities, you will notice some of the spots that made it into the film.

One of the more popular locations would be the Wilmington Riverwalk, which you will quickly recognize from the movie. And, if you are looking for the beautiful scenery where Alex and Katie kiss, then you’ll have to go to the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area.

Producers also used a number of storefronts and restaurants which you can find in Downtown Southport.

Next up, we have Alex’s family home for which producers used a charming coastal home located at 410 W Brunswick St, Southport.

And finally, we have the kayak tour. Producers used the cypress swamp located in the area of Winnabow for these scenes.

Those are all of the most notable spots where the producers of Safe Haven chose to shoot the film. We hope that you’ll have the chance to visit some of these lovely locations.

Scene of laying on a beach in the movie Safe Haven for where was Safe Haven filmed post.
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