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Where Was My Cousin Vinny Filmed?

We have another classic movie in store for you today. My Cousin Vinny should be at the top of your list to watch if you haven’t seen the movie already. If you have, you must be wondering where producers shot this movie. Well, we have done some research and found out where the exact locations in the film are. So keep on reading to find the answers to the pressing question of, where was My Cousin Vinny Filmed?

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My Cousin Vinny Filming Locations

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So, where did producers film My Cousin Vinny? Well, the movie takes place in Alabama; however, film-makers shot the whole film in multiple towns across Georgia! The producers essentially shot the entire movie on location except for the courtroom scenes!

Locations Used In Georgia

One of the locations film-makers chose to shoot the movie was Eatonton which is where producers shot the scenes at the General Putnam Motel. Multiple other sites in Gainesville and Covington also made it into the film.

For the Arrendale State Prison scenes, producers filmed in Alto and for the plantation scene, producers chose Bostwick.

One of the final locations the film-makers chose was Monticello for the Historic Downtown Square and Dave’s BBQ scenes in the movie!

Scene in My Cousin Vinny for where was My Cousin Vinny filmed.
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