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Movies About Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious topic, and some of these movies can be incredibly realistic and intense. These films reveal just how much damage addiction to any substance can wreak on a person’s life. All these films are incredible and definitely deserve your time. So, please enjoy our selection of the best movies about drug addiction.

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1. Flight

For the first of the movies about drug addiction, we have Flight! This is such an intense film! The fact that the pilot made it so long without any serious complications or crashes is absolutely insane! But it goes to show that no one’s luck continues forever.

Flight Movie Description

A pilot named Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) has a dark secret that may cause the deaths of a large number of people. Whitaker has a serious drug and alcohol addiction and enjoys flying his commercial flights while impaired. Though he has been lucky in the past, on his last flight, the plane experiences a malfunction causing Whitaker to crash land. The incident did result in people losing their lives. After the horrifying experience, Whitaker decides to sober himself up. However, the investigation into the crash exposes his secret sending his life spiraling out of control more than it already was.

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2. Ben Is Back

This movie shows just what an addiction to drugs can do to a family. This film is really touching and highlights the struggles of those closest to the addict. If you haven’t seen it, it is worth the watch.

Ben Is Back Movie Description

A teen named Ben (Lucas Hedges) returns home without notice on Christmas Eve. Ben has a significant drug addiction, and his mom knows he struggles to stay clean. His mother Holly (Julia Roberts) is thankful for Bens return; however, she treads carefully as she knows that everything can take a wrong turn due to his addiction. Soon after, Holly begins to struggle with keeping Ben clean, and his addiction challenges her love.

3. Requiem for a Dream

This one is a bit more of a mind bender and just an overall crazy movie! It follows the intertwined lives of four different addicts, and it takes you for one hell of a ride. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it now.

Requiem for a Dream Movie Description

Follow four individuals with addictions that control every aspect of their lives. No matter how badly they want to change, they fall back into the same intoxicating and habitual patterns. Heroin, diet pills, and cocaine send the four of their lives spiraling out of control. And they may just love it too much to want to break free from their deadly addictions.

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4. The Basketball Diaries

Another one of the great Leonardo DiCaprio films! This one calls into question the reasons that some people use to turn to drugs and whether those reasons are legitimate or not. Give it a watch, it’s worth it.

The Basketball Diaries Movie Description

As a rising star in high school, Jim Carroll (Leonardo DiCaprio) suffers from the pressure put on him from his coach and mother. With all the stress caused by his basketball career, Jim turns to drugs for help – more specifically heroin. With his newfound addiction, his life begins to fall apart. There’s only one last hope for Jim and that his old buddy Reggie (Ernie Hudson).

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5. 28 Days

Don’t confuse this film for 28 Days Later! (Only The Office fans will get that joke.) This is another one of those amazing films that follow the journey of an addict going through rehab. This film will let you witness the struggles of battling addiction. We highly recommend this one!

28 Days Movie Description

Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock), is a newspaper writer who has an addiction to one of the most dangerous drugs of all, alcohol. When Gwen knocks over her sister’s wedding cake and crashes a limo, she ends up with a choice between prison or rehab. Initially reluctant to go to rehab, she accepts that it’s what she has to do. For the first time, Gwen is now willing to attempt to take control back over her life.

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6. Beautiful Boy

This is one hell of a touching movie starring Steve Carell! It delves into the life of a teen who may have taken on more than he bargained for. If you haven’t watched this, we definitely recommend you do.

Beautiful Boy Married Movie Description

Nicolas Sheff (Timothée Chalamet), the definition of an outstanding teen, is in for a bumpy ride. With good grades, being an actor, artist, athlete, and also the editor of the school newspaper, it would seem that Nicolas has it all under control. However, he has a dark secret that may send his life into turmoil. Nicolas has an addiction to meth, and it’s on the verge of destroying everything he has accomplished. Now, it is up to his father to get him clean, save him from himself, and keep the family from falling apart.

7. Rachel Getting Married

For the final of the movies about drug addiction, we have a lesser-known Anne Hathaway masterpiece. This serves as a fantastic drama and bares the toll that drugs take on a family. Give it a watch if you haven’t already.

Rachel Getting Married Movie Description

Recently released from rehab, Kym (Anne Hathaway) has the chance to participate in her sister’s wedding. The ceremony for the wedding takes place at the family’s home. The same home where Kym goes after her release. However, not all is good when Kym shows up. As her sister Rachel (Rosemarie DeWitt) makes the final preparations for the wedding, Kym’s behavior causes the tension between her and her family to grow and grow. Eventually, everything finally snaps, letting loose years of pent up emotions.

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