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Scene from Dunkirk for where was Dunkirk filmed post.

Where Was Dunkirk Filmed? Amazing 2017 Film Locations

Scene from Dunkirk for where was Dunkirk filmed post.

Where Was Dunkirk Filmed?

This war epic about the Second World War met everyone’s expectations and more! Christopher Nolan did one hell of a job with the production of this film, and it is quite easy to see why this film has won so many Oscars.

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Now, if you are here, you must be wondering where the production of this movie took place. Well, we have done some research, and the film locations are pretty interesting, to say the least. So, continue reading if you would like to learn where producers shot Dunkirk!

Dunkirk Filming Locations

So, a fascinating fact about the film locations chosen for this film is that producers shot it where the actual evacuation took place in France in 1940.

However, for many of the street scenes and building scenes, film-makers did not use the actual locations because most of them were destroyed during the war.

Producers also used the Netherlands and the United Kingdom for filming during production.

Locations Used In France

So, producers used locations in France that were actually part of the war in 1940! That in and of itself is pretty incredible! For the scenes of Operation Dynamo, film-makers used Dunkerque, Nord, France which is where the actual evacuation took place!

For the street barricades occupied by the French soldiers, producers used Rue Belle Rade, Dunkerque, Nord, France.

One last location used by producers is Rue des Fusill├ęs, Dunkerque, Nord, France.

Locations Used In Netherlands

Producers didn’t use many locations in the Netherlands, but the one or two they did use did play a sizable significance in the movie!

For all the moonstone scenes out in the sea, film-makers used IJsselmeer, Netherlands. The other location producers used was Urk, Flevoland, Netherlands. Other than that, not much else was shot in the Netherlands.

Locations Used In United Kingdom

The UK also played a minor role in the production of Dunkirk. For the film’s flying and model aircraft scenes, producers used Daedalus Airfield, Lee on the Solent, Hampshire, England, UK.

Film-makers also filmed the train station scenes at Swanage Railway, Dorset, England, UK.

One of the last locations used in the UK for the English Port scenes was Weymouth, Dorset, England, UK.

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