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Best Sailing Movies

Sailing can be one of the most soothing and peaceful activities one can do. But there is another side to it. It can also be one of the most dangerous and perilous sports you can compete in. The vast ocean has proven time and time again that it is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Most of it is still a mystery as well. This danger is what makes sailing movies so attractive to us viewers. These films can have you dangling off the edge of your seat pulling your hair due to how intense they can be.

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So if you have come looking for some of the best sailing movies out there then you have come to the right place! We have gone ahead and compiled a list of what we believe are the best and most intense sailing movies out there. You can’t go wrong with watching any of these if you are a sailing fan. Now, go grab your movie watching essentials and get ready to enjoy hours upon hours of sailing entertainment. Just keep scrolling to see what incredible films we have in store for you.

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1. All Is Lost

Kicking off our list of sailing movies we have one about a man lost at sea. We can’t imagine what it would be like wrecking the ship and then being stranded in the middle of the ocean. It’s definitely one incredibly scary concept to think about!

All Is Lost Movie Description

A veteran sailor is in for the most dangerous time of his life when he wakes up to find his ship filling with water after a collision with a shipping container. With no way of contacting anyone due to his navigation and radio equipment being disabled, he finds himself in these treacherous waters all alone.

He accidentally ends up sailing into a massive storm and barely manages to escape it with his life. He is hoping that the ocean’s currents will lead him to a shipping lane. He must race against time as his supplies are scarce and sharks are now on the hunt. It isn’t long before he starts losing hope and is forced to face the fact he may very well die.

2. Wind

Here we have the first classic on this list. It’s the Americans vs the Australians! You can’t go wrong with good intense competition, and even a little love story is thrown into the mix!

Wind Movie Description

Will Parker (Matthew Modine) is a recreational sailor with a dream of winning The Americas Cup. Along with his girlfriend Kate Bass (Jennifer Grey), the two join a team led by Morgan Weld’s (Cliff Robertson). However, an argument makes Kate leave and go back to her life as an engineer. This leaves Will alone with his crew. When the race comes around a series of mistakes cost them the race and the Americans lose for the very first time against the Australians.

Months later Will goes searching for Kate and finds her down in Arizona. She is working with a fellow engineer named Joe Heiser (Stellan Skarsgard) who she has formed a relationship with. The three of them decide to build a vessel and along with Morgan’s adult daughter, Abigail Weld, the group of four want to compete in The Americas Cup once again in hopes of reclaiming the title.

3. Deep Water

Here we have an insane documentary. If anything there should be more sailing movies like this! People have to be a certain level of crazy to want to have a race around the globe in boats. It’s an incredible story that you won’t want to miss.

Deep Water Movie Description

British sailor Donald Crowhurst has decided to enter the first nonstop boat race around the world named the Golden Globe. He puts his house up as collateral to gain some financial backing. But still having financial issues he decides to set sail before his boat is finished being built. His vessel is unprepared for the treacherous waters the open sea has to offer. Crowhurst knows both he and his boat are ill-prepared which inevitably sets off multiple deadly events.

4. Adrift

We had to add a type of love story in this list for you romantics out there. It’s actually pretty intense and very entertaining. It involves a small ship and a massive storm, you can’t ask for much more in a sailing movie!

Adrift Movie Description

What was meant to be a nice sailing expedition for Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley) and Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin), turns into something incredibly dangerous and deadly. They unwittingly sail straight into the most catastrophic hurricane ever recorded in history. After the storm passes, Tami wakes up to find the boat completely destroyed and Richard severely injured. It’s up to Tami now to save herself along with the man she is deeply in love with.

5. White Squall

This one right here is another sailing movie classic. It’s a voyage that’s gone horribly wrong and has a group of teens fighting for their lives on a sailboat. It’s an awesome movie you have to give a watch.

White Squall Movie Description

Capt. Christopher Sheldon (Jeff Bridges) is about to set off on a sailing voyage with a group of teens to teach them about fortitude and discipline. These teens include Chuck Gieg (Scott Wolf), Gil Martin (Ryan Phillippe), and Frank Beaumont (Jeremy Sisto). However, things take a dangerous turn that no one could have expected. This crew is about to get a completely different lesson than they first thought. The ship ends up caught in the midst of a treacherous white squall storm. Now, if the group of teens wants any chance of surviving they must band together and learn some important survival skills to make it out of this alive.

6. Turning Tide

To end our list of sailing movies we have one hell of a story. It’s another race around the world. We still can’t believe that these types of races do actually occur in the real world! It’s insane!

Turning Tide Movie Description

Yann Kermadec (François Cluzet) has a dream of competing in the Vendée Globe which is a nonstop single-handed yacht race around the world. Out of nowhere his dreams come true when he is informed he will replace the DCNS star skipper right before the race begins. Everything he has ever wanted is right in his grasp and he prepares himself to compete in the competition of a lifetime.

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