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Scene from Pearl for Pearl movies in order post.

How To Watch The X / Pearl Movies In Order And Where To Watch Them

Scene from Pearl for Pearl movies in order post.

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The X/Pearl series of slasher-horror films is the perfect Halloween binge-watch. The series follows the story of two women, Maxine Minx and Pearl, both portrayed by Mia Goth. The overall plot of the movies centers around these two characters, their similarities and differences, and the impact that filmmaking eras have on society.

This brings us to why you are here. You want to watch the Pearl movies but don’t know where to start. Well, we’ve got you covered! This post will give you all the info you need on how to watch these amazing slasher-horror films in order as well as where you can watch them.

X / Pearl Movies In Order Of Release Date

To kick things off we’ll be covering the Pear movies in order of their release dates first. So far there are 2 X/Pearl movies to date and both of them were released in 2022. The third film in the franchise is set to release sometime this year (2023).

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about each movie. That includes a trailer, release date, where to watch each film, and more!

1.  X

Where To Watch

X Movie Description

A group of actors sets out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when the elderly couple they’re staying with catches them in the act, the cast finds themselves fighting for their lives.

2.  Pearl

Where To Watch

Pearl Movie Description

Pearl (Mia Goth) lives a secluded life on her family farm, taking care of her father under the supervision of her mother.

Pearl constantly daydreams about the luxurious lifestyle she’s seen in movies, but reality quickly sets in as she deals with temptation and repression.

3.  MaXXXine


MaXXXine Movie Description

A young woman endeavors to make it as an actress in 1980s Los Angeles, facing many challenges along the way.

X / Pearl Movies In Order Chronologically

That about covers it for the Pear movies in release date order! But what if you want to watch them in chronological order? Well, fret not! We’ve got you covered! The order changes a bit as Pearl, which came out after X is actually a prequel to X.

So you simply switch the first two movies around if you want to watch them in chronological order. Below you’ll see all three films listed in chronological order with the years they take place in the timeline of the franchise.

  • Pearl (1918)
  • X (1979)
  • MaXXXine (1985)

X / Pearl Movies FAQs

Now that you know how to watch all the Pearl movies in order we’re going to cover a few more of the most frequently asked questions about the franchise.

Is Pearl Part Of A Trilogy?

Yes, Pearl is part of a trilogy of films. The other two are X and MaXXXine. Which MaXXXine still hasn’t been released yet.

Will There Be A 3rd Pearl Movie?

Yes, MaXXXine is set to be the 3rd movie in the X/Pearl movie franchise and is set to release later this year (2023).

What Order Should I Watch The Pearl Movies In?

For timeline order, make sure you watch the X/Pearl movies in this order:

  • Pearl (1918)
  • X (1979)
  • MaXXXine (1985)

For release date order make sure you watch them like this:

  • X (2022)
  • Pearl (2022)
  • MaXXXine (2023)

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