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Have you ever wondered what the most paused movie scenes in cinema history are!? Well, we have done some research and these are the scenes that we have come upon the most. This list takes you through what movie the scene is in and why it is paused so often! Some of these scenes are ridiculously cool and we had to go back to the movie to pause it to see if they were really in there! And they were! So please, enjoy this list of the 11 most paused movie scenes of all time!

1. Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

What! A topless scene of Phoebe Cates is one of the most paused moments in movie history!? No way! Alright, obviously that is sarcasm, but, that really is why this scene is paused so often! If you’ve seen the movie, then you understand.

2. Fight Club (1999)

Ohhh, boy was this an amazing movie! In all honesty, we did not catch these hidden scenes. So, without giving too much away, Brad Pitt would make split-second appearances in the vicinity of Edward Norton. If you have watched the movie you will understand why this is so cool. If you haven’t you’ll have to watch it too find out! We promise its one of the best movies out there!

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3. Cabin In The Woods (2011)

First off, if you guys have not seen Cabin In The Woods then do so as soon as possible, because you are missing out! Secondly, this scene is paused so often because it lists all the creatures/monsters that they have at their disposal which is pretty damn cool. So, when you watch the movie and come across this scene, go ahead and pause it to see all the possibilities of terror they can cause!

4. Total Recall (1990)

Alright, we don’t think it can get much weirder than this! I mean, a woman with three boobs!? Come on! Obviously, this is going to be one of the most paused scenes ever due to its completely unruly nature!

5. The Lion King (1994)

A cool little Easter egg hidden in the Lion King is in this scene! It happens super fast though, so if you want to see it, you have to be ready with that pause button! What is it though? Well, if you look closely, then you can see the abbreviation “SFX” spelled out in the dust flying through the air. Many people say that it actually spells “SEX”. However, they are wrong and Disney has confirmed this. Learn more about why the abbreviation was added to this scene.

6. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Okay, so we’ve actually never seen this one before and its incredibly awesome! You can see E.T. and his family to the bottom left! George Lucas decided to add this in because of the Yoda easter egg in the movie E.T! This is a really cool scene and we can definitely understand why it’s paused so much!

7. Iron Man (2008)

If you look close enough you can see a prototype of Captain America’s shield in the background! This is another one we didn’t catch! Really makes you wonder how many thousands of things you end up missing in movies!

8. Wild Things (1998)

Well, this scene is self-explanatory as to why it gets paused so much. I don’t think there is one guy on this planet who did not pause the movie on this scene! Like, come on, it’s Neve Campbell and Denise Richards making out!

9. She’s The Man (2006)

Young Amanda Bynes flashing the whole soccer team during a tournament. There really shouldn’t be much more to say other than that. To clarify why, she did it to prove to the guys that she was, in fact, a girl. For more, youll just have to watch the movie!

10. The Exorcist (1973)

This right here has to be one of the most terrifying things in the world. It’s called Pazuzu, and its the main antagonist in The Exorcist. It makes an appearance in single frames scattered throughout the movie. You have to be really quick to catch it as it disappears in less than a second.

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11. Basic Instinct (1992)

I bet that this scene makes it into every single list of most paused moments in movie history! The Sharon Stone leg-crossing scene. If you have watched the movie you know exactly why it has been paused so many time!

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