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All Jack Reacher Movies

Not many people are as badass as Jack Reacher. Let me tell ya, you do not want to wrong this man. If you are looking for a pair of movies to watch that will have you pumped and give you an exhilarating ride, these two are perfect for you. The Jack Reacher movies provide you with a non-stop, action-packed experience. Sadly there are currently only two Jack Reacher movies, but hopefully, in the near future, there will be more.

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Jack Reacher (2012)

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise), an ex-army investigator has been called in to help with a mass shooting that occurred recently. Five civilians shot and killed by a sniper in what seems to be a random attack. The man in custody is an ex-military sniper who was buddies with Reacher back in their military days. His name is James Barr (Joseph Sikora). With all evidence pointing to the fact that he executed the attack, Reacher decides to help Barr’s defense attorney (Rosamund Pike). To his surprise, the deeper that Reacher digs, the more proof there is that this man isn’t the sniper they are looking for.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

Reacher is back and with a vengeance. He decides to head back to his old military HQ to meet with Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders). When Reacher arrives, a man named Colonel Bob Moorcroft (Robert Catrini) lets him know that they have detained Turner under the accusation of treason. However, Reacher knows that Turner is innocent and begins to hunt for the truth. Soon after, Reacher ends up framed for the murder of Colonel Bob Moorcroft (Robert Catrini). As a result, he finds himself in the same prison as Turner. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Reacher quickly devises a plan so that he and Turner can escape. With teams of assassins and the police force after them, they have limited time to unravel this government conspiracy so that they can clear their names once and for all.

Big shootout in one of the Jack Reacher movies.
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