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Gambling Movies On Netflix

One of the most addicting things a person can get into is gambling. For decades people have been gambling with each other. Even making a simple bet is considered gambling. Most people probably do it pretty often in their day to day lives with their friends. It’s an incredibly fun thing to do, especially when you win! However, it’s also a very dangerous thing to do as you can lose everything if you have no self-control. All these factors about gambling are what make gambling movies so damn fun to watch.

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If you are here, you must have the wonderful streaming service known as Netflix! Hands down one of the best things to ever be created. Sadly though, gambling movies on Netflix aren’t the most abundant compared to other genres on the platform. However, they still do offer us some good choices for us to spend a few hours going through and watching. We have gathered what we believe are the best gambling movies on their service. Now, sit back, relax, grab your popcorn and enjoy this list of the best gambling movies on Netflix.

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1. Rounders

We’re starting off our list of gambling movies on Netflix strong. This Matt Damon masterpiece is one for the books. If there is a movie that changed the gambling genre it has to be Rounders. It’s simply amazing and definitely worth the watch.

Rounders Movie Description

After losing all his money to Russian gangster Teddy (John Malkovich), Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) promises his girlfriend Jo (Gretchen Mol) that he will stop gambling. However, this doesn’t last very long. Mike’s friend Lester Murphy (Edward Norton) recently got out of jail and has some debts he must pay off. He enlists the help of Mike and together the two get very close to raising the money need. That is until they ended up caught cheating. Soon after, Mike learns that the debt is owed to Teddy, the man that took him for everything he has. So, in a final desperate attempt, Mike decides to try and beat Teddy one last time.

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2. Mississippi Grind

Do you believe in luck? Or more specifically that having someone lucky around you makes you lucky as well? Well, this man did and he took full advantage of it and went on a gambling extravaganza!

Mississippi Grind Movie Description

Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) a gambling addict has recently met someone he believes is a good-luck charm. His name is Curtis (Ryan Reynolds). With his newfound friend, Gerry decides to take Curtis on a trip to a high-stakes poker game in hopes of winning all the money he could ever need.

3. 21

Here we have another simply incredible gambling movie. We believe Black Jack is one of the most fun games you could play at a Casino and this movie takes it to a different level with counting cards! The movie is wild and kind of makes you want to go learn to count cards!

21 Movie Description

Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) an extraordinary student who studies at MIT, struggles to make ends meet to pay for his schooling. This all changes when one of his professors Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey) recruits him to join a group of students he takes to Vegas to count cards. Ben brings the team an incredible amount of success and begins to truly enjoy his life. However, when he meets a casino enforcer named Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne) he is quickly brought back to the reality of how dangerous this life can actually get.

4. Win It All

Last but not least, wrapping up our list of gambling movies on Netflix we have a movie about someone willing to risk it all! First off, we would never recommend stashing a bag for someone you know who is going to prison! But if you are like this guy and you do, would you take a peek inside it? Just remember, curiosity killed the cat!

Win It All Movie Description

Eddie (Jake Johnson), a small-time gambler decides to help out someone he knows to stash a bag while they serve their time in prison. Eddie’s curiosity gets the best of him and leads him to open the bag. He discovers an abundance of cash in the bag and can’t resist but to begin taking a small amount of cash and using it to serve his gambling addiction.

Scene from Rounders for gambling movies on Netflix post.
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