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If you want to watch the Friday movies in order, you’re in for a treat. The stoner comedy franchise with Ice Cube and DJ Pooh is one of the most hilarious series out there. The films follow the exploits of Craig Jones, who along with his unemployed friends and relatives, get into various predicaments that just happen to occur on Fridays.

Whether they’re getting into gunfights or just trying to make ends meet, the Friday movies are always entertaining. If you’re looking for a laugh, then this is the series for you. So sit back, relax, and we’ll take you through exactly how to watch these films in order.

Friday Movies In Order Of Release Date

We’ll first be covering this hilarious franchise in its release date order. There have been 3 Friday movies released so far starting back in 1995 and spanning 7 years to 2002.

There have been talks about a fourth one but not much is known about that yet. You’ll find all the info you need about each movie below, including a trailer, synopsis, where you can watch each movie, and more!

1.  Friday

YouTube video
Where To Watch

Friday Movie Description

Craig and Smokey are two guys in Los Angeles who have nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon than drink and smoke on their porch and want to try something new for a change.

2.  Next Friday

Where To Watch

Next Friday Movie Description

Craig’s father sends him to live with his Uncle Elroy (Don “D.C.” Curry) in order to protect him from Debo, a bully who has just been released from prison. However, it isn’t long before Craig finds that trouble can find him no matter where he lives.

3.  Friday After Next

Where To Watch

Friday After Next Movie Description

Craig (Ice Cube) and Day-Day (Mike Epps) find themselves back in their old neighborhood just in time for Christmas. A ghetto Santa breaks into their apartment and steals all of their presents, as well as their rent money.

The only way to save themselves from being evicted before Christmas is to take jobs as security guards at a local mall. There, they learn some comic lessons about the true meaning of the holiday.

Friday Movies In Order Chronologically

That about covers it for the Friday movies in order of their release date! But what if you want to watch these films in chronological order? Well, both orders are actually the same! So you don’t have to worry about any confusing or mind-bending timelines! We’ll quickly list the films below to recap their viewing order.

  • Friday (1995)
  • Next Friday (2000)
  • Friday After Next (2002)
  • Last Friday (TBA)

Friday Movies FAQs

Now that you know how to watch the Friday movies in order we’ll be covering a few other of the most frequently asked questions about the franchise below.

What Comes After The Movie Friday?

You would watch ‘Next Friday’ (2000) after finishing the first film in the franchise ‘Friday’ (1995). After that would come ‘Friday After Next’ (2002) and ‘Last Friday’ which hasn’t been released yet.

Is Friday After Next A Sequel To Friday?

Yes, Friday After Next is the third installment in the Friday series following ‘Next Friday’ (2000).

Are They Making A 4th Friday Movie?

A fourth Friday movie has been in the talks but there isn’t much information available on it yet.

How To Watch The Friday Movies In Order & Where To Watch Them

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