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Scene from 13 Reason Why for where was 13 Reasons Why filmed post.

Where Was 13 Reasons Why Filmed? Amazing 2017 Show Locations

Scene from 13 Reason Why for where was 13 Reasons Why filmed post.

Where Was 13 Reasons Why Filmed?

If you haven’t heard of this show, then you must live under a rock! This show made waves around the world because of the sensitive topic that it covers. So much controversy surrounded this show, but overall it was received well and became a huge hit. After the first season, everyone couldn’t wait for the second season to come out. However, we do have to say that the first season trumps the second season. Regardless, it’s still worth a watch.

Now, let’s talk about the reason you have come to this page. You must be looking for the locations which the makers of the show used for filming! Well, if you have questions such as “Where was 13 Reasons Why filmed?” then you have come to the right place.

We have researched all the locations that made it into the show! So, if that sounds like what you have been looking for, then keep on reading, and we will answer all your questions regarding the show’s filming locations.

13 Reasons Why Filming Locations

Okay, so where did the producers decide to film this dark teen drama that people have raved about? Well, for those of you looking for a quick answer, we’ll start by giving you a general answer to that question. The show’s makers chose the state of California for filming.

For those of you looking for a more detailed explanation of the shooting locations, then keep on reading to find the locations producers used inside of California.

Locations Used In California

Where is Analy High School located? Starting off, we have one of the more important locations in the show, Liberty High School. However, as you probably guessed, that isn’t the actual name of the school. Producers used Analy High School located in Sebastopol, California to portray Liberty.

Where is Baker’s Drug Store located? Next up, we have Hanna’s parent’s business, the Baker’s Drug Store. You can find the store at 435 Georgia Street, Vallejo, California.

Where is Clay’s House located? You can find Clay’s house at 231 Bayview Street in San Rafael.

Where is the cemetery where Hannah’s body was found? For the cemetery where Hannah’s body is located filmmakers used Fernwood Cemetery located in Mill Valley, CA.

Is Monet’s coffee shop a real coffee shop? The little Monet’s coffee shop serves as another critical location in the show. You can go drink some coffee there because it is actually located in Vallejo, California at 415 Virginia Street.

Where is the movie theater where Hannah and Clay first met? The final location we will point out is the movie theater in the iconic scene where Hannah and Clay meet for the first time. Producers used an empty building located at 333 Georgia Street in Vallejo, California to portray The Crestmont Movie Theater.

Other than this, producers didn’t use many other locations. We hope that we answered all the questions you had about the locations used to film this show!

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