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Where Is Bloodline Filmed?

Who doesn’t love a good mystery drama show to binge on every once in a while!? Well, that’s exactly what Bloodline is. It reels you in really quick. There is something about the darkness of this show that gives you shivers and makes you wish that you and your family never go through anything like this. It’s nearly impossible to just watch one episode of this show!

If you are here, you must be wondering about the locations that producers used to film this incredible show. Well, we have found out some interesting things while searching for those answers and they may surprise you! So if you are looking for answers for questions such as “Where is Bloodline filmed?” or anything to do with the show’s filming locations then you have come to the right place. Keep reading on and find all the answers that you have been searching for.

Bloodline filming Locations

Scene from Bloodline for where is Bloodline filmed post.
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Okay, so if you watch this show then you know that it takes place in the state of Florida. Well, the producer decided to actually film this show on location! Which means producers filmed it where they set the show! So producers decided to film the entirety of the show in Florida. To find out where in Florida, though, just keep on reading and we’ll go into more detail.

Locations Used In Florida

So, if you find yourself in Florida, just go walk around the Florida Keys and without a doubt, you will run into many of the locations that show-makers used while filming Bloodline! So, in the show, there isn’t much moving around in terms of using different locations. A lot of the filming takes place in The Moorings Village & Spa┬álocated in Islamorada, Florida. This is where you can find locations such as The Rayburn House, the white sandy beach you see multiple times in the show, and the beach cafe at Morada Bay. Pretty much the entire Moorings Village and Spa made it into the show!

Some other cool information is that you can actually stay there if you are on vacation. You can rent the Rayburn plantation house too, but it will cost you a pretty penny at about $2,500 night! But f you have the money it would probably be a really cool experience!

We hope that you enjoyed reading and that we answered all your questions about the filming locations that producers used during the production of the show!

Scene from Bloodline for where is Bloodline filmed post.
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