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Movies Like National Treasure

National Treasure was an excellent movie, and we can all agree on that! Luckily for us, there are two National Treasure movies. And it seems producers have the third one in the works, but no one really knows what is going on with its production.

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Luckily though, even if we don’t get the third one, there are many movies out there that deliver the same thrilling experience as National Treasure. So we have gone and put together a list of the absolute best movies like National Treasure. If that interests you then keep on reading to find out what you’ve been missing.

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1. Fool’s Gold

Matthew McConaughey as a treasure hunter!? You know it! How far would you go to find a lost treasure like this? Because McConaughey’s character, Ben, lost nearly everything in his pursuit for the ultimate payday. If you haven’t seen Fool’s Gold, then give it a watch! It is definitely worth it!

Fool’s Gold Movie Description

Ben Finnegan (Matthew McConaughey), a treasure hunter, has an unhealthy obsession with finding the legendary Queen’s Dowry. On his quest to find the lost treasure, he has ruined his marriage with his wife Tess (Kate Hudson) and destroyed his boat. However, everything changes when Ben finds a clue that just might reveal where the Queen’s Dowry lies. He isn’t the only person after this treasure though. His old mentor turned sworn enemy, Moe Fitch (Ray Winstone), will go to extreme lengths to find the treasure before Ben.

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2. Tomb Raider

The badass Lara Croft is back and better than ever! If you are a Tomb Raider fan of any sorts, then you will without a doubt love this movie! If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend you give it a watch.

Tomb Raider Movie Description

Lara Croft’s (Alicia Vikander) father Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West) disappeared without a trace when Lara was very young. Years later, Lora happens upon a set of clues left behind by her father. The clues hint that he may still be alive. Filled with new hopes of her father being alive, Lara embarks on one of the most perilous journeys she will ever endure. Her life, her father’s life, and possibly the fate of the entire world are now in her hands.

3. Night at the Museum

We can’t believe that over 10 years have passed since the release of Night at the Museum! Any National Treasure fan should have already watched and loved this film. But, if for some reason, you have not, then you should go ahead and change that right now!

Night at the Museum Movie Description

Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) has vast hopes and dreams for what he will do with his life. However, he has yet to do anything of significance and is now in desperate need of some money. Larry begins searching for employment. Soon into his job search, he accepts a job as a museum security guard. However, as Larry will quickly learn, this isn’t an ordinary museum. An Egyptian curse brings everything in the museum to life when night falls.

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4. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Nothing beats the good ole classic Indiana Jones movie! We have all heard of him, and you better have watched this film! The Raiders of the Lost Ark never gets old! If you haven’t seen it, then go watch it and if you have seen it then go ahead and watch it again!

Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Description

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), an archeologist and a veteran adventurer, races against the Nazis to a dangerous and powerful treasure. Soon Jones learns the name of the treasure, The Ark of the Covenant, it supposedly holds the powers to humanity itself. He embarks on the most dangerous adventure he has faced to save the world from the Nazis reaching it first.

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5. The Da Vinci Code

For the final of the movies like National Treasure, we have the Da Vinci Code. A Tom Hanks film that doesn’t disappoint. This movie has everything you would ever want in a great mystery thriller. Go and watch it now! It’s worth every second!

The Da Vinci Code Movie Description

A dead body found in The Louvre may lead to something that no one ever expected. Called in to investigate, Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) has one of the most daunting challenges he has ever faced ahead of him. Through the investigation, he uncovers many secrets and codes in Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings. A mysterious society has protected these secrets for over two thousand years, and Langdon may be the one who brings them to light for the rest of the world.

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