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Movies About Autism On Netflix

One of the more interesting topics to learn and read about is autism. It is amazing what some people diagnosed with autism are able to achieve. From master pianists to math prodigies, autism isn’t something that seems to hold people back from accomplishing great things. Obviously, it does come with its challenges and life can be difficult for those with autism. However, it would seem that many diagnosed with autism have abilities that they excel at more than most others.

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Another way to get a look into the world of autism is by watching movies about the subject. So we have gone and put together a list of movies about autism on Netflix. Though Netflix doesn’t have a huge selection of movies about autism, the ones they do have are pretty damn good. Not all of these depict exactly how it is to live with autism, however, some can certainly be educational.

One thing is for sure, these films are all worth giving a watch. All of these movies are pretty heartfelt and provide good insight into the wonders and drawbacks of living with autism. Just keep on scrolling to see what incredible movies about autism on Netflix we have compiled into this list for you.

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1. Asperger’s Are Us

To kick off our list of movies about autism on Netflix, we have quite a heart touching one. You get to follow the story of a group of hilarious friends who all have Aspergers. We highly recommend you watch this one.

Asperger’s Are Us Movie Description

Four friends, each of which is on the autism spectrum share a special bond through humor. They decide to form a kind of comedy group together. Before they go their separate ways the four friends have decided to plan one final show giving proper closure to their comedy group.

2. Atypical

Now, we know this isn’t a movie. Netflix doesn’t have the biggest selections of autism movies so we decided to add one show to this list. It’s a great show as well. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, and gives you a bit of insight into the entire family and different situations that can be expected when someone in the family has autism.

Atypical Movie Description

Follow Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year-old teen on the autism spectrum through his coming of age story. He has decided to begin his search for a girlfriend. This new strange journey he is about to embark on won’t just change his life but will impact the lives of those around him as he seeks to become more independent.

3. Toc Toc

Even though this isn’t specifically a movie about autism, it does deal with one of the bigger characteristics that someone with autism has. And that’s OCD! You yourself may have OCD as it isn’t an uncommon thing for someone to have. The movie is hilariously accurate and definitely worth a watch.

Toc Toc Movie Description

A group of patients must wait together for their doctor who has had his flight delayed. They all have one thing in common. They have OCD. As they wait, they are now forced to endure and deal with each other’s crazy and odd quirks that each of them has come to live within their OCD filled life.

4. The Lighthouse Of The Orcas

Next up we have one that may just make you cry. This one shows you one of the biggest possible struggles a family may face when they have a child with autism. Now, this movie is in Spanish but that doesn’t take away from how good it is!

The Lighthouse Of The Orcas Movie Description

A mother with a child on the spectrum hasn’t lost hope for forming an emotional connection with her son. He hasn’t displayed any signs of emotions at all. In hopes of changing this, she decides to take her son on a trip to Patagonia where a ranger and a pod of wild Orcas may possibly help him find an emotional connection.

5. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Closing off our list of the best movies about autism on Netflix we have a Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio phenomena! We get to see both Depp and DiCaprio in their very young days! They are just as good then as they are now!

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Movie Description

Young Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) has more responsibilities than most people his age. At the top of his priorities is his overweight mother (Darlene Cates), who isn’t able to leave the house. Not only that but Gilbert also has a mentally impaired brother named Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio) who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Gilbert has landed a job at a grocery store and seems to have everything under control. That is until he meets Becky (Juliette Lewis).

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Scene from Atypical for movies about Autism on Netflix post.
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