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Shows Like Never Have I Ever

Over the years, these coming-of-age shows, or shows with a similar basis to that, have proven to be some of the best and funniest entertainment out there! These shows provide such accuracy the viewer can relate to, which adds to why they can be so funny. This is because it portrays the awkward experiences and moments you had or are having, allowing you to cringe and smile at the fact that you lived through something similar. That’s what Never Have I Ever gave us! It was another hilarious coming-of-age story.

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These things combine to make this and other shows like Never Have I Ever so fun to watch. Leading us to why you are here. You are searching for some hilariously entertaining shows similar to Never Have I Ever. Lucky for you, there are a handful to choose from. Some of these are coming-of-age stories while others are similar but not coming-of-age shows. Regardless, they all share similarities with this recent Netflix show and will provide you with countless hours of humor and entertainment. So just keep on scrolling to see what amazing shows we have in store for you today!

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1. Sex Education

To start off this list of shows like Never Have I Ever we have one of the funniest shows to come out in recent years! It’s a hilarious coming of age story that will have you laughing more and more with every episode that passes. We highly recommend this one.

Sex Education Show Description

Otis (Asa Butterfield) is a socially awkward high school student who doesn’t have much experience in the lovemaking department of life. However, he knows quite a lot about it because of the unwanted advice he constantly gets from his mom Jean (Gillian Anderson) who is a sex therapist. When everyone at the school learns that his mom is a sex therapist, he uses it to his advantage.

Because of his expertise in the field, he teams up with a classmate named Maeve (Emma Mackey), and the two charge people for sexual advice. While giving out all this advice and acting as a pseudo therapist, he realizes that he may need a therapist for himself.

If you find yourself curious about where this show was filmed, we have listed all the original locations used to film Sex Education.

2. On My Block

This one has definitely gotten increasingly popular over the years since its release, and with good reason! It’s got humor, heart, a brilliant storyline, and much more! You should give this a watch if you haven’t already!

On My Block Show Description

Attending high school in the inner city of South Central Los Angeles, follow the coming of age stories of four close friends who try to make their way through their teen years. The four are constantly dealing with the danger the city provides. Whether it’s having to help their friends get out of a gang or a friendship taking a romantic turn, there is no shortage of danger.

3. The End of the F***ing World

This is a funny coming of age story that revolves around a psychopath! If you want a wildly entertaining show that also has a superb story, give this one a try!

The End of the F***ing World Show Description

James (Alex Lawther) isn’t your average teenager. He’s a 17-year-old boy who believes he’s a psychopath. He has a slew of evidence backing up his beliefs, such as putting his hand in a frying pan as a young boy so he could feel something. Alyssa (Jessica Barden) is a classmate who believes James could serve as her opportunity to escape her much-hated home life. So they run away together. James agreed because he wants to find an opportunity to kill her and Alyssa just wants to get away from home. The two set off on an adventure across England leading to an unforeseen relationship forming between the two.

4. New Girl

So this one isn’t a coming of age story, but it does share a lot of similarities with Never Have I Ever! It is also a fantastic show! You’ll end up super invested in all the characters in the blink of an eye and next thing you know you’ll be four seasons deep in less than a week! If you haven’t seen this, change that now.

New Girl Show Description

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is a quirky and off-beat teacher who recently became homeless after catching her boyfriend cheating on her. A series of events leads her to move into an apartment with three single guys she has never met before. Nick (Jake Johnson), a law school dropout, Schmidt (Max Greenfield), a fashionable businessman, and Winston (Lamorne Morris), a former athlete. They are all far from functional, so it’s no surprise how messy things will inevitably get between the new roommates.

5. Jane The Virgin

Here’s a coming of age story about a virgin who ends up pregnant! Yup, you read that right! If you want a humorous and wild ride, then this is the show for you!

Jane The Virgin Show Description

Working as a waitress at a hotel in Miami, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is a devout catholic who plans on saving herself until marriage. However, her entire life is uprooted when a doctor accidentally artificially inseminates her. Now, Jane must figure out what she will do with the new baby on the way and how she’ll even care for it.

6. Everything Sucks

To end our list of shows like Never Have I Ever we’ve got another amazing and funny coming of age show! If you haven’t seen this one, we definitely think you should watch it.

Everything Sucks Show Description

Set in 1996, follow the stories of a handful of students who attend the Boring High School in Oregon. These students include Luke O’Neil (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) a freshman at the high school, and his best friends, McQuaid (Rio Mangini), a hopeful geek, and Tyler Bowen (Quinn Liebling), a high toned and very immature teen. One thing is for sure, they are all seen as misfits.

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